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How To Start Up A Recharge card Business In Nigeria

by Joseph Praise

Recharge card business is a very lucrative and popular business in Nigeria and it can be started in any part of the country, Recharge card (printing) business is not a business you can start with N10,000 and becomes profitable. It is not possible to make reasonable gain with that amount except you are mixing it with another business as a fraction of your existing business.

If one decides to start recharge card business as an independent business he or she should start with a large capital of nothing less than N200,000 to make it profitable. The reason behind this is that the profit made from a single recharge card is low and a dealer as to sell plenty to make the gain visible. The profit a dealer makes for a single card is not more than N10, so therefore now i will list the requirements and tools below to start up this business.

  1. Computer it can be a desktop computer or laptop
  2. Printer: Laserjet recommended!
  3. A4 papers
  4. ePins of any network you want to print
  5. Recharge card printing software eg NetDivo ePin Manager
  6. Internet access (not compulsory)
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Once you have your laptop, printer and papers ready, proceed to download recharge card printing software. Install it and ensure you learn how to use it.

You can download the NetDivo recharge card printing software here ,you cant use the application till use activate it and the activation code cost N9,500.

How To Start Up A Recharge card Business In Nigeria 3

Once you have mastered how to use the software and have the contact of where you can buy ePins, then proceed to order for your ePins. Once delivered to you, upload to the recharge card printing software and print them out accordingly.

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