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How to Stop Google Play Services From Draining Your Mobile Data

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Mobile data draining without knowing the root and how it got exhuasted can make you feel really sad, today i will show you how to stop Google play services from draining your mobile data.

Its really painful when you buy mobile data that should be used for a month and it gets exhuasted before a week, yeah i was there before.

Most times, i would blame my network for data zapping without finding how it got finished without having to download, stream or do anything that could exhaust my data easily.

In Nigeria, We face that causing us to blame our network provider for everything. Now you should stop blaming your network provider, you should know that updates today are becoming way too much and smartphone manufacturers and other tech gaints keep bringing updates.

There are hidden updates that eat up your data without you even realising it. We have experience a lot from google, from updates to draining our battery quickly.

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How to Stop Google Play Services from Consuming Your Data

Now, follow the steps below to stop google play services from consuming your data today:

Step 1: Revoke Permit Usage Access

Go to Settings, Security and Location (depending on your version of Android), click on App and Usage access, click on Google play services, and close the permit usage access.

google play services settings

Step2:  Revoke Auto Update of Apps

Go to Google Play store and Enter settings. Remove auto update of apps

If you find other apps to be the culprit, the same methods apply for fixes.

If google play is still consuming your data please comment below.

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