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How to transform an android phone OS to a windows phone OS

by Joseph Praise

Microsoft made the ill-fated choice of acquiring the Finnish mobile company Nokia to compete in the mobile phone market with Android and iOS. After millions of dollars in lost revenue and a dwindling market share among mobile devices globally, Microsoft let go of the Nokia brand, along with the dream that was Windows Phone. A well-planned venture, in theory, Microsoft hoped to turn Windows OS into the connecting channel between the desktop computer space that the brand has conquered decades ago, and mobile devices that could finally do more than ever.

Although Windows Phone in practicality simply crashed and burned to put it mildly, it did not affect the fact that Microsoft continues to own the world of desktops and laptops. Regardless of how fond you are of your Android or iOS device, most of use simply cannot look at Mac OS or Chrome OS and consider it as a viable replacement for Windows. Whether it is the work environment built by Office 365, or the fluidic masonry design layout implemented for a supreme user interface – there are plenty of reasons to love the Windows OS.

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