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How To Use FaceApp The Popular Social Media Photo Editor App (See Full Guide 2019)

by Abioye Shinaayomi

A lot of you have seen your social media feed filled with FaceApp captions with pictures of older, younger, and gender-swapped photos of your friends and even celebrities.. well, relax, it’s just the new FaceApp app. This is the perennially popular free photo editor app that can completely change your look with the press of a button.

FaceApp can create some realistic photos of yourself and your friends by changing their;

  • Gender
  • Increasing their smile
  • Aging/De-aging them.


The best aspect of this outstanding app is that it’s totally free, though some features are locked behind a paywall so you may not be able to do everything you want to do with the FaceApp app without paying a little extra. There’s also been security and privacy concerns about the app’s data collection, so read up on whether FaceApp is safe to use.

How to download FaceApp

You’ll easily be able to find FaceApp on both Android and iOS smartphones for free – you can also download it directly from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store now.

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You just download it just like any other app. You may need to enter your password or register your fingerprint to download the application.

How to use FaceApp

The interface of FaceApp is simple to make use of and can assist you to edit each new selfie footage taken throughout the app’s camera or older footage you’ve already got on your phone.

Either is simple to do from FaceApp’s home display screen. You can make a selection of a photograph by pressing ‘All Photos’ along the bottom of the screen or line your face up to take a picture through the app’s own camera.

The symbol you select will start off on a filter out known as “Original”, but in case you scroll properly you can have options like; Smile, Smile 2, Spark, Old, Young, Female👩 and Male.


Both ‘Smile’ choices will open your mouth and include some teeth, while the ‘Spark’ option will make your your skin tone smooth. There’s additionally both female and male options to give you more masculine or female options. The funniest choices are the young and old options that can both supply you with wrinkles or make you appear to be a child.

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If you scroll to the left hand side you’ll be able to find additional options to make GIFs and collages of your footage so you’ll be able to show off more than one edited image all at once in one photo.

How to share your FaceApp images

Once you have successfully created your masterpiece image, sharing icons will appear under the edited image. The downward facing arrow at the bottom will allow you to download the picture while there are also options to post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There’s also an option to share across to other applications such as WhatsApp and other popular messaging platforms too.

What do you have to pay for?

Since the inception, there has always been a paid option for the FaceApp app, but it didn’t originally offer many more features over the free version of the app. The app has been updated to FaceApp 3.4 with a lot more styles and beauty filters, but you’ll need to pay to access them.

The new filters will allow you to;

  • Smooth out your skin tone
  • Give yourself facial hair or;
  • You can even give yourself a more dramatic kawaii look.
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Pricing for the new features comes in at $20 when originally the pro version of the app was listed at $3.99. The upgrade will also take away annoying ads and allow you remove the FaceApp watermarks from the bottom of images, but it’s still a bit expensive for that.

To pay for it, you should move to the Settings section of the app and press the buy button. The app will then redirect you to the Google Play Store or App Store to help you finish off your purchase.

Have any questions or slight issues with the app?

Well, don’t hesitate to reach us quickly using the comment section below…

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