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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download

by Abioye Shinaayomi
Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download

Hello world.

Today I’ll be writing on Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download. This cracked software is very popular among almost everyone who uses a laptop and for good reasons too. This software has effortlessly climbed to the top on the best download managers to have on your laptop as it has a very simple to use interface and is very effective in its operations. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is an easy to use tool to increase download speeds by up to 200 percent, resume and even schedule your downloads.

IDM checks for its new version one time every week. Once any new versions become available, IDM shows a dialog describing new features and suggests updating. You can also download the latest version of IDM using Quick Update tool. When IDM is working, it shows its pyramid icon on the taskbar.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download

App NameIDM Cracked Software
SizeLess than 20MB
Requires Windows7+
Last updated2 minutes ago


Why should I have the cracked IDM software?

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download

Well, here are some reasons why you definitely want to be having the IDM software installed on your laptop:

  • Wide customization capabilities
  • Downloadable skins: The IDM platform has a very wide range of downloadable skins to make your IDM look just the way you want it
  • Visual XP styles
  • Multilingual interface: The IDM pltform also allows for different languages depending on your location or your taste. You just have to pick what language suits you
  • Supports proxy servers: The proxy/Firewall tab can be used to make settings for your proxy servers. Find button can be used to copy proxy settings from the Internet Explorer platform. “Use FTP in PASV” option means that passive mode of FTP protocol will be used
  • Supports file redirects
  • Has ZIP file preview
  • MPEG video content processing and a large number of server platforms
  • No usage limitations
  • The management of site passwords
  • Delete all completed button enabled
  • Better utilization of available bandwidth
  • Built-in download logic optimizer
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The cracked IDM software integrates seamlessly into the following Internet browser platforms for easy downloading of files from the Internet:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Netscape
  • AOL
  • MSN Explorer
  • Opera
  • Mozilla browsers

Sorry guys… But IDM has not been integrated into the Chrome or Chromium browser yet. But, we hope any latest updates to the platform would change that soon. But, if you need an alternative to the IDM software for your laptop. We’ll recommend you look at the following platforms for maximum experience:

  • EagleGet: This platform is the most suitable alternative to IDM. This platform stands out as it has a lot of features that IDM does not posess including the sleek interface and also the fact that its completely free of annoying ADs and it downloads files with multiple connections though not as good as that of IDM which allows us to specify the number of connections. This platform even has its own Malware checker installed. How cool is that?
  • JDownloader: This platform has some of its parts Open-sourced and can be easily modified. You can do a lot of things with this downloader and it also supports multilingual support like the Internet Download Manager
  • Free Download Manager (FDM): This platform is also a good alternative to the Internet Download Manager and its best feature is that it doesn’t have free trials or hidden fees. Its completely free.
  • Internet download accelerator
  • FlashGet
  • Download Ninja
  • Xtreme Download Manager (XDM): This platform undoubtedly has a better GUI than IDM and can give IDM a good run for its money. The only competitor with this software is the EagleGet software . This platform is completely Open sourced and is even available for Linux and MAC.
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Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download

App NameIDM Cracked Software
SizeLess than 20MB
Requires Windows7+
Last updated2 minutes ago


Internet Download Manager (IDM) Cracked Software EXE Download is available on this website. We provide the latest version and we  also upload a new version of the application on this page as soon as it is released.  Stay updated with us @ FaqonTech for more Software downloads…

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