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Interview With Noah Ansa a Successful Web Designer – CEO of Noah’s Ark Web Solution

by Editorial Team

How the interview with Noah Ansa went for Tech Inspired this week, its really cool getting to meet someone who gives everything just to help your business grow and decided to interview Noah Ansa and share with little knowledge.

Enjoy, everything today has to do with technology and I don’t think there is no business giants today who don’t leverage technology.

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Question No 1. Can you please tell our reader about yourself (Rank in the company) and company (Noah’s ark web Solutions)?

Answer No 1. About me

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My Name is Noah Ansa, I started internet business journey at the age of 17 years with Bulk SMS business then from the revenue generated from Bulk SMS I acquired a Web Design Skill which birthed Noah’s ark web Solutions, so I have been a web Designer for 4years working on freelancing website for both international and local clients. Our company was officially registered with FG on the 16th December, 2016 (BN 2466589).

I am the CEO of Noah’s ark web Solutions.

About the company:

Noah’s ArkWEB Solutions is a pioneer company in the field of IT. Within a short span of time Noah’s ArkWEB Solutions has earned several accolades in its endeavors. Noah’s ArkWEB Solutions is engaged in Application Software Solutions, Web Solutions, E-Commerce, Multimedia, web services, software solutions and print media solutions. We have several prestigious clients in Govt. Organizations and corporate sector. Noah’s ArkWEB Solutions is located at Akwa Ibom State, Uyo with total IT facilities allowing access to best IT resources to companies worldwide with only one mission that is to provide best and economic IT professionals and to make business simple.

Question No 2. In one paragraph, please can you state your company objectives?

Best value for the cost

Question No 3. What state are you from? (Optional)

Akwa Ibom State

Question No 4. Tell us when did you start web designing professionally?

I started my web design two years ago (working for people both online and offline).

Question No 5. Is web designing your profession or just a hobby?

My Web Design Service is a combination of two things you just mentioned.

It’s first my passion before my hoppy.

Question No 6. Any regrets so far?

No, every time I see my client giving feedback for my service i become more thankful that I paid the price of learning this skill.

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Question No 7. What are the challenges you face as a web designing, especially those peculiar to the Nigerian designers?

Well, I want to talk about the challenges I used to face as a website designer years back.

  1. Getting clients to patronize my service.
  2. Client not renewing their websites, Major challenge was a major challenge for me back then.
  3. As a Nigerian website designer, most business owners did not see any reason why their business should be online.

Question No 8. Did you receive any professional assistance or did you create your company website yourself?

I personally designed it.

Question No 9. How many people work in your company?

I have a team of ten we work together in my company

Question No 10. Did you learn web designing from anywhere or you learnt yourself?

I learnt it on my own but I bought many web design courses from both national and international market.

Question No 11. How many clients have you worked for so far, please can you list some of the web website you designed and develop yourself?

So far if I want to include our foreign clients it will be 500+

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today. What was the first thing you did?

I told myself the truth that it’s not going to be easy so that helped me prepare my mind.

The first thing is that I made a decision to be a website designer.

Next thing I did was to look at web designers previous work, after that I was able to decide who I should learn from.

Next thing I did was to contact the owner of the course either through mail or phone.

Paid for the course and after I watched the course I bought a domain and hosting for myself to practice what I have learnt. Some times after designing and it’s not good enough I will have to start afresh until I get something better.


How long were you running the business before you started paying yourself? How did you live through those first few months/years?

I did not really understand the reason why I should pay myself from my business at first so because of that I did not pay myself officially for one year.

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If a kid walked up to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

Look for a skill you would love to learn and find a teacher/mention and pay the price because it will later pay you.

Do you think designing a company website can improve the company way of getting known and receiving sales?

Sure it can, At first I did not understand this aspect in website designing that’s why most of my clients did not renew their website after it expires even when I beg them to renew it but when I learnt that websites can help companies improve their sales and be more visible I did not need to beg clients to renew their sites but they pay before it expires.

What do you think about our blog current design (but mobile and pc)?

The design is fine but the loading speed is poor, work on that.

What is your say to newbies out there trying to learn web designing?

Hey newbie, most people think that website design is hard to learn but I tell you it’s very simple depending on your mindset and your willingness to learn.

Thanks for giving us your time to take this interview with you, glad you joined us.


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