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Introducing How SumoTrust Works – Saving and Investing With SumoTrust (SumoBank)

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
sumotrust sumobank

So today, it’s all about sumoturst formerly sumobank a way of saving money just like piggyvest and crowywise. In this article, i will teach you how to save and also how to make more money for yourselves while saving.

SumoTrust is an automated savings and investment platform helping reshape the poor saving and investment culture of Africans. Need money to start a business, pay for rent, buy a property, buy a car, do some shopping, pay school fees, etc, then save for it and reach your financial goals.

Do you know saving N5000 daily you can earn more than 1.8million naira in 365 days?

Want to know how to acheive it?

Sure, i will teach you how to go about it the right way using sumotrust formerly known as sumobank.

Millions of Nigerians are not happy because they are broke and majority are currently depressed because they once had a good source of income and can’t tell how they ended up with nothing again.

Could it be that you’re one of such angry and depressed persons?

Could it be that you’re living above your means right now and scared of going broke soon?

What if there is an emergency right now, do you have enough money to save yourself? Definitely you wouldn’t want to be in this tight corner.

It saddens my heart to see lots of Nigerian not graduate from secondary school because they either don’t have money to pay school fees, write WAEC examination or even Apply for JAMB exams.

I met Lanre, a Gala sausage hawker in Ibadan where I traveled for a program last year and he seems very bright but not in school, 

so when I asked him why he is not in school, he told me his parents can’t afford to train him further in school and i asked how much he makes from his hawking business and i was shocked to learn this guy makes over 3000 Naira daily from this business, yet, he can’t pay for his JAMB form after SSCE.

See, these things are hard but it’s not as hard as it seems for someone who strives to make ends meet daily.

Do you know that your 500-1000 naira savings daily from your hustle will give you between 15k-30k every month depending on the amount saved.

Not like saving money is even easy when we’re living in a time where every store you walk into right now all have POS machines waiting to swallet your debit cards and debit from you due to the fancy stuff you keep buying that are not really necessary.

Well, if you’re in this shoes of having issues saving money, then, i’m glad to tell you there a big solution for you to save.

So now, let’s see what sumotrust is all about…

Sumotrust is a trusted online savings and investment platform that enables you to save for a purpose.

In this case, you will have to use the Mission savings account on Sumotrust and save towards raising the amount you need to pay for your JAMB UTME exams.

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You can save the 500 Naira daily for 30 days to raise 15k to buy the Jamb form from your hawking business. I know most of you reading this is not a hawker, but it’s possible you’re involved in other small businesses that pays you small like a Hawker.

What is SumoTrust and Why Do You Need It

Sumotrust is a trusted Savings and Investment platform that helps you save and invest effortlessly on the go.

Assuming you want to buy a Car or travel for Christmas, pay house rent, school fees, shop or a holiday, etc, you can start saving money for it ahead of time using Sumotrust and when the time comes, you can withdraw your money straight to your bank account with interest.

You also get 10-15% interest yearly….. (no Nigerian bank will pay you this)

The platform helps you reduce expenses by giving you a specific date to withdraw your money unlike normal bank that you can withdraw anytime and not have good savings Incase of emergency.

Also, by being a user on Sumotrust, you will have free access to Entrepreneur Platform business academy (Motute) where you can learn various skills in Nigeria as well as connect you to like minds who you can collaborate and work with.

In the future, Sumotrust promises to start giving personal and business loans and you sure will take advantage of this…

Lots of Updates to be rolled out that we help us build a healthy financial life over time.

Types of Savings & Investment Accounts on Sumotrust

1. Main savings account

Main savings account on SumoTrust is an account type for regular savings account best for anyone who want to save and raise funds for emergency and not really tied to a particular reason. If you looking at starting a disciplined savings life, then Main savings is best for you, however, it is also best for everyone for all reasons. Automatically choose to save either on daily, weekly or monthly intervals and earn 10% interest per annum. Withdrawal here are restricted to only withdrawal dates or the exact date you choose to withdraw… In cases where you miss a saving due to insufficient balance in your account, you can IntantSave the amount missed the previous day to make it up and reach your savings goal faster.

One can save:
100-10000 naira Daily – Automated option
1000 – 100,000 Naira Weekly – Automated option
5000 – 5,000,000 Naira Monthly – Automated Option

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2. Fixed/Investment account

The Fixed savings account on SumoTrust allows you to Securely lock away your money for a long period of time (up to 365 days) and earn up to 15% interest annually. You can Fix Save any amount.

One can save:
100-10000 naira Daily – Automated option
1000 – 100,000 Naira Weekly – Automated option
5000 – 5,000,000 Naira Monthly – Automated Option

3. Mission savings account

Want to raise money for a particular project? Set your savings mission and amount and start saving until amount is raised. Withdrawals from this account is free until provided you have reached your savings target amount.
However, withdrawing money from this account type when you are yet to reach your savings goal attracts a PENALTY FEE of 4.5% charge.

One can save:
100-10000 naira Daily – Automated option
1000 – 100,000 Naira Weekly – Automated option
5000 – 5,000,000 Naira Monthly – Automated Option
Interest Payout here is 10% Per Annum.

4. Kick Account

What Is Kick Account?
A Kick Account is a sub-account where all interests, affiliates earnings, bonuses, etc earned on SumoTrust are paid. You can withdraw your money from it at any time, without any charges.
All withdrawals from a kick account is 100% free.

How to Actually Not be Broke This Coming Christmas

2020 is already here again like other past years and will run fast like never before, Christmas will soon befall us again and as usual, lots of people will get stranded and broke as usual.

Shaa make nobody call me to beg me money ooo because na my trick i wan give everybody now like this.

While lots of people are making small to medium earnings now and likely not to have any savings by December, I will be saving between 15-30k every month starting from this month till December.

This was exactly what I did last year and I’m happy to tell you about Sumotrust where Saving and investing money all get better and easier.

Sumotrust ( is a top rated online savings and investment platform that help you save and invest on the go for a purpose until you reach your savings target.

Igbo calls is AKAWO

Yoruba calls is Esusu or AJO.

Hausa calls is Adache

Just as i’m going to be doing mine, all you need to do is create a FREE Sumotrust savings account at and connect your card.

Select either Main savings or Mission and start savings ahead of time.

You can save as little as 100 Naira Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

How to Join SumoTrust and Start Saving and Investing (Sumobank)?

  • Visit the Sumotrust official Website by Clicking Here.
  • Fill the information on the form the completely.
  • Now you can verify your account.
  • Enter your bank account details and connect your CARD to start saving.
  • Now its time to Start saving.

Why not start saving little by little, you might be surprised with the huge amount of money you will raise over time to do anything you want.

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The thing is, you need to start saving ahead of time to avoid regretting in the nearest future.

You can save as little as 100 Naira to 50000 Naira on daily, weekly or monthly basis to get prepared ahead of time.

Not just that, you earn 10-15% interest annually for saving

Incredible right?

So, Are you planning to start a Business, Travel, Buy a property, Shop, Pay School fees, or even the incoming Festive season? You need to start saving ahead of that time.

All you need to do right now it log on to and Register a free Sumotrust account.

Enter your bank account details and connect your CARD to start saving.

Once you have saved and raised enough money for that which you want to do, you can withdraw immediately to you bank.

At Sumo Trust, you be will be trained, keep in touch and know how you’re doing with your money just so you’re exempted from other millions of Nigerians that are regretting not taking the step you’re about to take right now.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions on SumoTrust?

What is SumoTrust?

SumoTrust is an automated personal savings/investment, finance management and learning platform that helps you save, receive and plan your finances effectively and make better business and financial decisions.

Powered By Sumo Tech Global Limited in Partnership with Entrepreneur Platform to help both old and young entrepreneurs, business owners, students, parents, career men and women save and raise funds for their proposed and planned project execution.

With SumoTrust, you can save to raise money for something or invest your money to earn profit returns annually using the various account types.

Who Is SumoTrust Meant For?

SumoTrust is very flexible to use and pays you 0.833% monthly, amounting to 10% annually and saves you the stress on going in and out of banking halls with all the hurdles attached to it which is not flexible with fixed deposit or spend2save accounts on commercial banks.

Why Use SumoTrust Instead of Other banks?

SumoTrust is meant for everyone.Entrepreneurs
Business owners
Civil servants/workers
Market men and women

How Do I Start Saving On SumoTrust?

Every saving and tool usage on SumoTrust platform is automated, to start saving on SumoTrust:Kindly, create a free SumoTrust account with your name, email address and phone number (Phone number based on your country)
Verify your account by clicking on the account confirmation link sent to your email to proceed.
Save your first amount (as little as N100). (Use your Visa, Verve, MasterCard, etc from any bank in your country).
Set your withdrawal date or leave it to use any of the free withdrawal dates from SumoTrust.
Now, set a convenient savings plan as desired (AutoSave is highly recommended)

Any Charges When SumoTrust Deducts From My Account?

No! it’s 100% FREE. There are no bank charges for debits and saving money to your SumoTrust account.

If you have any question use the comment section.

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