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Introducing Rubies Internet Banking – Easy Banking 247

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Rubies internet banking has simplified using internet banking easily with rubies bank.

A few days back, i introduced rubies bank and how it works and am happy so many users are now enjoying banking with rubies digital bank.

To those are still new to rubies well let me explain again before you see how rubies internet banking works.

This new features were recently introduced by rubies bank team and will help improve your banking needs anywhere in the country.

Why? i will explain below

Well, don’t forget rubies bank is an app but with rubies internet banking you don’t need to have an app or your smartphone around you to transact.

This feature will help those who wish to use rubies bank but using a device which those not support using app.

Now you see why i said rubies bank has made digital banking much easier.

This has more features just as quickteller…

I recently wrote how to pay bills on rubies bank you can check it out also.

What is Rubies Bank About?

Rubies is a fully digital banking platform, offering zero-fee banking targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions and fintech companies.

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Rubies bring new concepts to Banking Technology, Marketing and Engagements Powered by Cloud Technology, AI and analytics.

The digital platform which enables customers to perform all their banking needs on the go without hidden charges also allows them to gain access to over 1000 ATMs across the country, Rubies is the digital banking platform of Highstreet Microfinance Bank.

If you haven’t gotten your Rubies bank ATM/Debit card yet, read the guide here and apply for it now.

Well, am not giving any detailed explanation on rubies bank again you can read that here.

In short words think of rubies bank as alat by wema competitor…

How to Use Rubies Internet Banking?

  • Visit the official rubies internet banking website.
  • Its just like logging in your rubies account on your smartphone.
  • The rubies internet banking portal tells you to enter your username.
  • Remember, you signed up with a username when joining rubies digital bank.
  • Enter your rubies Pin.
  • Wait for it to load the rubies internet banking portal.
  • Your Portal looks like the image below
  • You can navigate the sidebar menu and transact
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Introducing Rubies Internet Banking - Easy Banking 247 2

Now you can enjoy easy banking when your smartphone is not close to you.

Rubies bank has made life simple and easier for its users in Nigeria and you can’t afford to miss it now.

Are you currently using rubies bank and experiencing any difficult comment below, lets here your opinion about rubies bank also.

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