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Introducing Jhaki an App To Request Cargo Carrier


So today i was on the road when i saw this app advertising about their app so had to find out what they do from them, basically jhaki helps you carrier your cargo from one location to other by requesting for carrier on their app which is pretty cool.

Who is Jhaki?

Jhaki is a platform that connects shippers with carriers. With unmatched capabilities, we reinventing freight transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa with real-time tracking of cargo, transparent pricing and access to a rich pool of verified carriers.
Our experienced professional team solves the industry’s biggest problems using the best technology available in order to promote connections with carriers.

Introducing Jhaki a way to transport your goods easily

Jhaki allows you become a driver or a shipper all you have to do is sign up and boom you ready.

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Jhaki Driver app helps you earn smarter with real-time information. Easier to use and more reliable,
the app now supports you—like a partner—at every turn.

Introducing Jhaki an App To Request Cargo Carrier 1

  • Know your next move and stay up to date
  • Track your earnings at a Glance
  • Get alerts on when to drive when its busy.

What you get using Jhaki

Below are what you get using jhaki

Reliable Trucks

Get coverage during critical capacity moments by accessing our network of 100,000+ drivers. We focus on delivering value to carriers so working with you is always their first choice.

Full Transparency

Keep tabs on your shipments with real-time GPS tracking — no need to pick up the phone to get the visibility you need.

Actionable Data

See unique insights and trends based on your shipments, lanes, and region. Access all the data you need to save money and become a shipper of choice.

Instant Pricing

Get a quote and book the load instantly. We show upfront and transparent pricing on every load and guarantee we’ll get the job done at that rate.

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Introducing Jhaki an App To Request Cargo Carrier 2

To sign  up as a shipper fill this form here.

DOWNLOAD THE APP THROUGH THIS LINK https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.user.jhaki


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