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How to Make Money From Jumia One N1000 Referral Bonus


Its here!! Another amazing way to earn money this time its Jumia One N1000 Referral bonus and its really a good investment why? lol i don’t mean using your money to join the jumia one program.

What do i mean?

Jumia One is a zero investment and the only investment needed from you is your time. Yes, investing your time to earn as much as you can is the only thing.

I guess you 100% ready to earn ₦1000 per referral! 

The truth is Jumia One has increased their referral bonus promo to ₦1000 per referral which makes it pretty bettet than before.

Seems like it should be called Jumia One Max 🙂

Enough with this joke, so basically alot of users who are not jumia fan has started becoming one just to make money from it and trust me you should join too.

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This is another great chance for you to make cool cash via Jumia One as the reward just increased from N500 to N1000 per referral.

Maybe next time Jumia will increase it from Jumia One Max to Jumia One Extra lol, but this fact is this offer is limited offer so don’t wait for when jumia will increase the bonus this might not happen.

To join the winning family, you need to start sharing your personalized referral code and reap the rewards by earning ₦1000 for every person that signs up and recharges, provided the terms are complied with.

When someone uses your referral link to sign up, you get ₦1000 on their first recharge and your friend get 20% Cashback (up to ₦1000) when they make their first successful transaction.

Jumia One app is giving returning users N500 cashback on the airtime and data of N5000 and above.

Note: that you can use your earned bonus (wallet balance) to buy airtime & mobile data, pay bills, shop online, book hotel, flight & cab, order your food from your favorite restaurant, buy movie ticket, place your bet, the list is endless. It’s convenient, fast and 100% secure.

What to Expect on Jumia One Referral bonus

  • You will only receive the cashback if your invited friend is a new user on Jumia One
  • Your friend needs to use the voucher code sent to them in order to enjoy the 20% cashback.
  • Your friend needs to spend a minimum of N200 for you to qualify
  • Your friend needs to verify his/her phone number when asked to during registration.

How to Make Money From Jumia One N1000 Referral Bonus

  1. Download Jumia One App if you haven’t and also install ( Google Play Store & App Store)
  2. Register with your real email address.
  3. Open the Jumia One app installed on your phone.
  4. At the bottom of the app, click on Invite a Friend icon
  5. Then, click on Invite Your Friends
  6. Share to your friends
  7. You receive your N1000 cashback when your friend makes their first Airtime, Mobile Data or Bill payment.
  8. Your friend enjoys 20% Cashback (up to N1000) on their first transaction.
  9. You’ll get the unlimited reward when you refer friends, following the Terms and conditions for referral campaign.

Note: Recharge at least N200 through the app, remember to use the voucher code sent to you in order to enjoy the 20% cashback. Cashbacks are usually given within 24 hours. If after this period you have not gotten your referral bonus, please reach out to Jumia customer care.

Now you are ready to make your money, comment below if you still having any issues.

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