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List Of Glo Offices in Lagos and Contact Address

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Glo has the cheapest and affordable data and tariff for the call in the country. Glo’s has their advertising sayings as “rule your world” or “world of possibilities” and “unlimited”. 

The only limitations to this network are that their coverage is limited, not everywhere in the country has been successfully covering.

Also, there is fluctuation in time of their internet services, even though they have the cheapest data services with the largest data value in Nigeria, but there is inconsistency in bandwidth and strength of their internet signals. 

List Of Glo Offices in Lagos and Contact Address

As Glo’s headquarters is located in Lagos, it also has most of its branch in Lagos State, Nigeria. However, the list includes;

  • 1. Glo Office – Oluwole Branch
    • Address: Eshops A2-A5, Oluwole Urban Mall Nnamdi Azikiwe/Martins Street Lagos Island
    • email: oluwole.shop@gloworld.com
  • 2. Glo office – Ikeja City Mall Branch
    • Address: Shops 84, Ikeja City Mall, beside Alausa Secretariat, Ikeja.
    • email address: ikejamall.shop@gloworld.com
  • 3. Glo Office – Victoria Island
    • Address: 21 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island
    • email: vi.shop@gloworld.com
  • 4. Glo office – Apapa Branch
    • Address: 7 Mike Adenuga Road (former Wharf Road)
    • email: apapa.shop@gloworld.com
  • 5. Glo office – Mushin Branch
    • Address: 121 Agege Motor Road, Idi-Oro, Mushin
    • Email address: mushin.shop@gloworld.com
  • 6. Glo office – Surulere Branch
    • Address: 41, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere
    • Email: surulere.shop@gloworld.com
  • 7. Glo office – Lekki Branch
    • Address: Conoil Filling Station, Lagos-Epe Expressway Lekki
    • Email: lekki.shop@gloworld.com
  • 8. Glo Office – Okota Branch
    • Address: 101 Okota Road, Beside Tantalizers
    • email address: okota.shop@gloworld.com
  • 9. Glo office – Palms Branch
    • Address: Shop 44, Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki
    • Email: palms.shop@gloworld.com
  • 10. Glo office – Ikeja Branch
    • Address: 2, Opebi Road, Ikeja
    • Email: ikeja.shop@gloworld.com
  • 11. Glo office – Ajegunle Branch
    • Address: 66 Mobil Road, Ajegunle, Lagos State
    • email: ajegunle.shop@gloworld.com
  • 12. Glo office – Ketu Branch
    • Address: 131/133 Demurin Street, Ketu Alapere
    • email address: ketu.shop@gloworld.com
  • 13. Glo office – Ajao Estate Branch
    • Address: 7 Airport Road, Ajao Estate
    • email address: ajao.shop@gloworld.com
  • 14. Glo office – Ikorodu Branch
    • Address: 15 Lagos Road, Ikorodu
    • email address: ikorodu.shop@gloworld.com
  • 15. Glo Office – Victoria Island Branch
    • Address: Mini Shop 53, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island
    • email: adeolaodeku.shop@gloworld.com
  • 16. Glo office – Cele Branch
    • Address: Conoil Mega Station, along Apapa Oshodi Expressway, Cele
    • email: cele.shop@gloworld.com
  • 17. Glo office – Seme Border Branch
    • Address: Conoil Filling Station, Seme Border
    • email: semeborder.shop@gloworld.com
  • 18. Glo office – Fadeyi Branch
    • 96 Ikorodu Road, ETB Building, Fadeyi.
    • email: fadeyi.shop@gloworld.com
  • 19. Glo office – Yaba Branch
    • Address: 280 Herbert Macaulay, Yaba
    • Email address: yaba.shop@gloworld.com
  • 20. Glo office – M.M Airport Branch
    • Address: Departure Lounge, Muritala Mohammed Airport 2, Ikeja
    • email address: mm2.shop@gloworld.com
  • 21. Glo office – LASU Branch
    • Address: Conoil Filling Station(LASU), Badagry Expressway
    • Email: lasu.shop@gloworld.com
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