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List of Glo Oga SIM Data Plan, Price and Validity

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

This article contains the full list of glo oga sim data plan and price of each plan.

The Glo Oga SIM is Double Data bonus offer and thankfully, it gives you 125% bonus data. When you subscribe to any normal Glo data bundle plan, the Glo Oga Sim gives you double data bonus.

List of Glo Oga SIM Data Plan and Price

Plan NamePrice (N)Base Plan VolumeData Volume with Bonus on base plansValidity
Existing Customers (up to 25% bonus)Oga SIM (125% bonus)
N100 Data Plan10080MB92MB180MB2 Days
N200 Data Plan200210MB242MB472MB4 Days
N500 Data Plan500800MB920MB1.8GB14 Days
N1,000 Data Plan1,0001.6GB1.8GB3.6GB30 Days
N2,000 Data Plan2,0003.65GB4.5GB8.2GB
N2,500 Data Plan2,5005.75GB7.2GB12.9GB
N3,000 Data Plan3,0007GB8.75GB15.7GB
N4,000 Data Plan4,00010GB12.5GB22.5GB
N5,000 Data Plan5,00012.5GB15.6GB28.1GB
N8,000 Data Plan8,00020GB25GB45GB
N10,000 Data Plan10,00026GB32.5GB58.5GB
N15,000 Data Plan15,00042GB52.5GB94.5GB
N18,000 Data Plan18,00050GB62.5GB112.5GB
N20,000 Data Plan20,00063GB78.75GB141.7GB

Benefits for new Glo subscribers;

As a new subscriber to Globacom Nigeria, you are entitled to the following;

  • When you buy N500 worth of Glo data subscription, you will automatically get 1.8GB of data.
  • If you buy N1,000 worth data bundle, you get a 3.6GB data
  • N2000 will fetch the Glo subscriber 8.2GB
  • If the Globacom subscriber purchases data worth N2,500, he/she gets an amazing 12.9GB.
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Benefits for old or returning Glo subscribers;

As a current user of Globacom Nigeria, you are not left out on these amazing offers on Glo Oga SIM.

  • When you buy N500 worth of data subscription, you get 800MB.
  • At the cost of N1,000 data subscription, you will get 1.6GB
  • Buy N2,000 worth data, and you as a Glo subscriber gets 3.6GB data
  • N2,500 data subscription will fetch you 5.7GB data bundle

This data offer is really amazing and very cheaper it is far better than MTN data subscription which offers 1GB data bundle for N1000, 2.5GB for N2000.

How is it different from the current SIM?

Any new Glo SIM bought today is automatically Glo Oga SIM. Oga SIM is a promo that offers new customers 125% data bonus on all plans.

What is special about the Glo Oga SIM?

All data plans you buy on Glo Oga SIM gets a 125% data bonus as against the 25%.

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