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Mi Tv Series 5 To pack Amlogic T972 SOC

by Joseph Praise

Mi TV Series 5 will be powered by Amlogic T972 chip, Xiaomi had revealed ahead of the Smart TV lineup’s official launch. It is unclear right now though whether all models in the upcoming Mi TV Series 5 will use the T972 chip or it will be limited to select models. According to the company, Amlogic T972 is based on 12nm manufacturing process. Separately, Mijia has shared more teasers of the Xiaomi Watch, including one that shows the MIUI For Watch in action. Mi Watch or Xiaomi Watch will be unveiled alongside Mi TV Series 5 and Mi CC9 Pro on November 5.

Talking about the Mi TV Series 5 first, as per the latest teaser shared by Mi TV team on Weibo, the Mi TV 5 series will feature 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage. Additionally, as mentioned, the Series 5 will use Amlogic T972 SoC that is said to be based on 12nm manufacturing process and will offer 63 percent performance improvement over the last-generation SoC. The chip also supports 8K video playback.

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