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MTN and Airtel Partners With Opera to Introduce Opera Free Browsing Data

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

This is a great surprise to all subscribers using MTN and Airtel as both telecom giants of Africa has partnered with Opera to introduce opera free browsing to all it’s subscribers.

Starting from December 29th , users in Nigeria subscribed to the MTN and Airtel network will be able to browse for free with Opera Mini and Opera News right away after opening any of both apps. 

Free browsing with Opera Mini and Opera News will also be at your disposal for you even if you run out of data on your current plan or bundles. 

You will also be able to enjoy a superior browsing speed when using Opera Mini and Opera News, as you can now browse four times faster than before.

As said on Opera official press release:

With free browsing at top speed, you will have an enhanced online experience during the holiday season so you can check out your favourite websites, find out new content online, and follow up the latest local and global news articles during the festive period of the year.

What exactly is the free daily data deal?

If you are an MTN or Airtel user, you will get 50MB of free browsing with Opera Mini or Opera News. The free browsing will be capped daily at 50MB.

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How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini and Opera News?

If you are an Opera Mini or an Opera News user, you will receive the free daily data with a limit of 50MB/day. Just enable data savings (auto, extreme or high) in Opera Mini or use Opera News and you will browse for free up to 50MB automatically.

The free daily data covers browsing only. Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your normal data bundle.


So what are you waiting for?

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