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Multichoice to add Netflix and Amazon Prime Video Streaming Services for its Subscribers.

by Joseph Praise
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Multichoice, a South African TV satellite dish operator will be adding streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and N to its Netflix DSTV platform soon. This new development comes as the TV operator continues to experience growth in the market, adding about 900,000 GOTV and DStv subscribers to its pay-TV platform over its last financial year.

Already, Multichoice offers its video-on-demand subscription-based streaming service, but in a bid to add a new set of fresh subscribers to its already large 19.5 million subscriber base, the company is looking to add the Netflix and Amazon Video Prime streaming services to the services it offers.

Now, by paying their monthly bill in the local currency for the Amazon add-ons and Netflix, existing DStv customers will have access to the aforementioned video streaming services.

As the world is very familiar with the use of Netflix and Amazon streaming services, DSTV is adding their services to its platform to discourage customers from abandoning the satellite TV service for streaming services.

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Now, customers can access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without leaving the DStv platform.

Calvo Mawela, Multichoice CEO said for long we have been a content aggregator, and this is proof of our aggregator model at work-providing simplicity, choice, and convenience for our customers.

Also, Multichoice is getting ready to unveil it’s yet to be named DStv dishless stand-alone streaming service. The service is expected to mimic its existing Direct-to-Home service, but without the need for installation.

Multichoice already has a streaming service like the DSTV Now and a video on demand service DSTV Box Office.

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