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How to confirm Your SIM card Registration status to avoid Being Blocked by NCC


We all know the rate at which fraud is increasing in Nigeria, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) had been directed to block unregistered sim cards which are over nine million.

An estimated 9.2 million mobile telephone lines (SIM cards) in Nigeria are not properly registered in accordance with the standard procedure.

Ms Suleiman said the report was compiled following instruction given by the newly appointed minister to all parastatals under his ministry to produce a short-term performance target.

The spokesperson said Mr Pantami “was alarmed by the figures and has issued instructions to the NCC to direct operators to block all lines with such deficiencies”.

“The security implication of this irregularity is too grave to ignore and the Federal Ministry of Communications will not tolerate any actions or inactions that will compromise the nation’s security,” the statement partly reads.

To ensure maximum compliance, Dr Pantami, has directed NCC to ensure all mobile network operators block all SIM cards that do not meet proper registration standards until users comply with proper reregistration procedures.

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If you want to confirm whether or not your phone number is properly registered, here are the numbers to dial:

MTN – dial *789*1#

Airtel – dial *746#

9mobile – dial 746 or 200

Glo – text REG to 746 or 3456

Confirm your status now before its late, thanks and don’t forget to share this information with others



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