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Brilliant! See Nokia Smartphones Getting Android 11 OS Soon

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
android 11 os

So much talks about android 11 and finally it seems to be rolling out soon on Nokia smartphones and trust me if you are using any of the listed smartphone you definitely should read this article now. Most might have noticed that android 11 is the most recently launched android OS.

Guess you haven’t found out what this android 11 can do yet. Android 11 is said to be the eleventh major release android operating system, well the beta version is out and most are already playing around with it.

Nokia might just be planning to roll out this android 11 later this year on most of its smartphones which are listed in this article.

Well, it has come to our notice that most Nokia phones are making use of android one with guaranteed 2 years of android OS upgrade as said. So if this is true as they may say then we should be looking at Nokia smartphones getting android 11 upgrade when it’s avaliable on the market.

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With the information above, we are going to be listing the smartphones below and their current android version they were launched with as we know android 11 comes with lots of features that the android 10 skipped.

You can sign up for the android 11 beta program if you wish to test the android 11 but if you have no idea about It please stay far away from it to avoid issues that touch.

Here are the list of Nokia smartphones that might likely get the android 11 OS soon when its officially released to the public:

Nokia X71 – Android Pie

Nokia 8.1 – Android Pie

Nokia 6.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 9 PureView – Android Pie

Nokia 3.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 4.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 7.2 – Android Pie

Nokia 2.3 – Android Pie

Nokia 5.3 – Android 10

Nokia 8.3 – Android 10

Nokia 1.3 – Android 10 Go Edition

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Nokia C2– Android Pie Go Edition

Nokia C1 – Android Pie Go Edition

Nokia 2.2 – Android Pie

So, if your phone got listed please be on the look out for the android 11 Upgrade as soon they enter. Let’s hope for the best and hope Nokia keep their promise as said. The android 11 was initially released on February 2020 and the beta version rolled out June 10, 2020 on the internet.

Not everyone is eligble to test the android 11 operating system yet as there might be lots of bug that can crash your smartphone but that doesn’t mean Nokia users won’t get to use it. It’s just the testing right? Not the final release.

We have seen so many android versions go down and we can’t wait for the final launch of android 11 and for it to be out for everyone to make use of soon.

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Recently, Google rolled out the android beta 1.5 patch and its still undergoing changes like I said don’t try the android 11 yet if you don’t want to lose everything on your phone it’s still undergoing testing and bugs are been fixed.

With that said, if you have any comments please leave your comment I will surely reply to them as soon as possible.

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