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OLeads: How to Create your Own Website on OLeads in less than 5min

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

In this article today, you will learn how to create a website using Oleads. This is a new platform launched and managed by opera the owners of opay.

The platform was launched in 2019. OLeads is an online tool that enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) easily create websites that will help them generate leads and promote their products and services.

Opera Limited immediately after the launch in 2019 explained the reason for the platform in an article. The article is quoted below;

“Opera launches OLeads in Nigeria to enable growth for more than 40 million small and medium size enterprises. The new online lead generation platform integrates seamlessly into Opera’s scalable advertising ecosystem in Nigeria.

Opera Limited, one of the world’s major browser developers and leader in AI-driven digital content, announced the launch of OLead, an online lead generation platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

OLeads offers a unique tool to maximise SMEs’ visibility and online presence, increasing awareness about their business, and helping ramp up sales”.

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How to Create your Own Website Using OLeads

  • Visit OLeads official website here.
  • Click on Register and fill the form
  • when you get to “enter verification code” click on “GET NOW”
  • Then an email with the code will be sent, input the code
  • Now Click on sign up.
  • Your account will automatically open
  • Navigate to Sites and click on create a new site.
  • There you go

Take Note:

I haven’t made use of it that much so play around with it and comment let’s see what you came up with…

Opera is improving the online experience of it’s user base in Nigeria. 

Companies who are interested in registering on OLeads can do so by visiting https://www.oleads.com or by sending an email to oleads@opera.com.

You can also visit Rivasult and get a well designed website for your company.

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