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Opera Set to Launch a New Smartphone Titled “Opera Olla”


This article will show you opera olla specs and prices and also the launch date of the smartphone.

Yo, it’s coming directly from Opera as we all have seen a lot of things Opera has been doing for us from oKash, Opay and more.

Opera has managed to pioneer new markets and give existing players a run for their money. You need to see how amazing this Opera olla smartphone looks…

News has it that the company now seems to be going for the jugular as it prepares to lean towards hardware manufacture through its brand new smartphone brand, OLLA.

Apparently though, Opera has been teasing its new product across its social media channels.

Opera Olla SmartPhone Price and Launch Date

Regarding launch date and availability, we expect the OPay OLLA phones to be launch in the coming (3 – 5) weeks.

This phone has a pop-up camera, not so far from the iPhone spec, it’s slim design like that of Samsung, wide screen area, obviously the Olla smartphone is not N20,000. And this phone won’t want to be N100,000 like OPPO because the wants customers dearly to patronize them.

So, should I make a guess? The Olla Smartphone Pricing Is around N30,000 to N75,000 in the Nigerian market.

Is Opera Olla An Android Phone?

Anywaysthe odds for the Olla phone to be an Android is 99%. It’s features and much more.

Opera services like OPay, oride, opera news are all android apps and they will be the bedrock of this phone. So, the Opera Olla Smartphone Is An Android Phone.

How much is Opera Olla Smartphone?

The Opera Olla smartphone would definitely range from N30,000 to N80,000 and would be the best fit compared to other phones that might be below the range.

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