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OurTV Now Supports Free to Air TV Service to all Nigerians

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

So, alot would be asking what is OurTV again taught we satisfied with DSTV, TSTV and GOTV? Well, turns out TV services are going no where.

OurTv provides a one-time payment platform that offers absolutely Free-To-View unique and exciting channels with the use of OurTV Set Top Boxes or Decoders.

It provides no on-going charges ,no monthly subscription, no bouquet selection,12 Months warranty cover and 24/7 customer care support. We ensure customers satisfaction and upgrades are made based on.

OurTV is operated by Trefoil Network, a Nigerian technology company founded in 2015 with a focus on information and communication technology, broadcast, network and internet solutions and licensed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

OurTV, a Direct to Home (DTH) TV Broadcast Satellite Service has launched its service on NigComSat 1R.

With about 20 unique channels and protected by Verimatrix VCAS, OurTV is a hybrid platform that offers free to view channels with no monthly subscription, PVR and IP capability to watch Youtube and other OTT. Users, however, have to make a one-time payment for the decoder.

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The Head of TV section at Trefoil, Braide Sayaba, said the digital satellite TV service will offer home-grown content and that the decoder and other components are made in Nigeria, with their technicians at hand for installation.

Mr Adamu Idris, NigComSat General Manager of Corporate Affairs Directorate urged other potential clients to emulate OurTV and take advantage of the resources in NigComSat-1R satellite to achieve their ICT related goals and objectives.

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