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Learn How to Sell Books Online in Nigeria (101% Complete Guide)

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
sell books online in nigeria

Are you currently writing a book and you looking for the best place to sell books online in Nigeria. Well, the good news is this is the opportunity for book author, publisher or even bookshop owners to sell books online in Nigeria.

Today, i will show you how to sell books online in Nigeria. Selling books online gives you more audience and more room to make money online.

Here, you will also learn how to make extra cash while selling books online in Nigeria.

This is one lucrative business every book owner need to leverage before they miss a way to money.

One question everyone keep asking is how do i get to sell books online in Nigeria?

Yeah, sounds like its really difficult to sell books online.

But the fact is if you don’t know the right way to do something you find it really difficult but today i will show you how to sell ebooks online in Nigeria here on faqontech.

I could remember when i started writing ebooks and was looking for a way to promote it and start making money from by selling those ebooks, you won’t believe it was really hard to even get 10 sales.


Because i didn’t across this means then, it was later i had to start doing my research before i was able to start making sales from it.

So you can see selling books online in Nigeria is not an easy thing but you must be ready to to do what it takes if you are really ready to sell your books online in Nigeria.

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It’s not only by selling eBooks but also you might have a book printed book you wish to sell too, all the means i will be mentioning here today, will help you a lot.

You can sell the following listed below:

  • Downloadable eBooks
  • Published printed books
  • Student books
  • and a lot more

Before i continue, Do checkout this video on 5 best ways to make money online fast. You will love the video, alot that will interest you was mentioned in the video.

Okay, let’s continue…

I guess you enjoying the article?

Well, i haven’t started because to sell online requires alot and patients is one of them. One question you might be asking is why should i sell books online in nigeria?

I’m going to answer that question below.

Why should i sell books online in Nigeria?

  1. Selling books online gives you access to reach out to meet millions of customers that are likely to buy the books you willing to sell.
  2. It’s less stressful than looking for someone to place an order while under the hot sun but with this you can stay at home while selling your books.
  3. You can track your total sales easily.

Well, let’s keep it like that for now. There are more i haven’t even mentioned yet but don’t let me bore you with stories.

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How to Sell Books Online in Nigeria

I will be mentioning different means you can sell your books online in Nigeria, so don’t get worried if one way doesn’t work for you try another.

How to Sell Books online on Amazon Easily

Well, selling books on amazon is really one of the best means to make more sales. I have come to discover that Amazon has millions of users around the world not just only Nigeria, which serves as a good means to sell your books online in Nigeria.

I know you will be asking does amazon allow Nigeria sell books on their store?

The answer is YES! and i will show you how it’s done.

sell books online on amazon

Well, to sell on Amazon you must meet the requirements before you can start selling and you must first register as a seller and your country must be in the list of approved countries. To register click here.

Once you an amazon seller you can start selling or you can also sign up on Amazon Kindle. It’s an amazing place to sell ebooks.

How to Sell books Online on Nairabookstore

Well, i have showed you how to sell books online on amazon, now its time to see how you can sell books online on nairabookstore a platform for buying and selling books in Nigeria.

Nairabookstore is known to be an academic and book platform where you can get books as many as you can. Their website is very easy to navigate.


One amazing part is they allow others to join their affiliate program you can sell books for others or refer them to the platform. This makes it easy for you to get more sales to your books published on nairabookstore to get more sales.

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Nairabookstore also comes with a follower base that allows you notify your audience once you have a new book available, which is pretty amazing.

Isn’t it?

Yes, i guess.

All you have to do become a seller on nairabookstore platform and boom!!

Conclusion: How to sell books online in Nigeria

With that said, we have come to the end on how to sell books online in Nigeria easily. Now it’s time to start selling those books you have got in your collection and make some money for yourselves today.

If you still having issues with selling your books on any of the above mentioned sites please comment below, for assistance.

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