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Spark Email app now redesigned on IOS with Dark Mode Feature for Android


Most are surprised spark app is getting dark mode enabled on its app, spark email app is known to be a popular email app for iOS and Android.

The app has been completely redesigned on iPhone and iPad, whereas its Android version has received a minor update to add dark mode.

Lets here the full gist…

Spark is a free download on both Android and iOS, and it supports a host of email services including Gmail and Outlook.

Spark for Android now has a dark theme thats for those using Android 10, Spark will enable dark mode by default if you have enabled system-wide dark mode.

For others, there’s an option in Spark settings to enable dark mode.

Isn’t that cool?

On to iPhone and iPad now, where Spark has also added dark mode support, apart from a lot of productivity focused features in this update.

The best of these is customisable email actions. You can now customise the toolbar in the app and choose up to six actions for each email.

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For instance, if you want the reply button on one side, or you prefer to see Mark as Spam on the toolbar, you can do just that.

iPad users will find support for many of iPadOS 13’s features on this version of Spark. Features such as Split View, Slide Over, and multiple windows are now supported on Spark for iPad.

You can download Spark over at the App Store or Google Play.

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