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Telegram Messenger Introduces ‘Send When Online’ Feature to it’s App and More

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

This new telegram messenger update is indeed a breakthrough and why more users should start using it. Telegram has issued a brand new model 5.13 replace to Android and iOS customers of its chat app.

If you are currently not making use of telegram then you are missing a lot.

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Adding on to the scheduled messages feature that was launched in a previous update, the latest Telegram update brings a “Send When Online” feature.

Telegram Messenger Introduces ‘Send When Online’ Feature to it's App and More 2

This feature will allow users to draft a message and automatically send it when the recipient comes online. The new feature can be found within the Schedule Message option, however, you’ll only be allowed to use it if you are allowed to see your recipient’s online status.

The app offers tons of useful features that make it a better alternative to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and it keeps getting even more new features with each successive update.

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The Telegram v5.13 replace brings a brand new Theme Editor in settings that permits you to tweak model of components in Telegram chats with new gradients, and the replace additionally features a host of recent background patterns and new predefined color schemes.

The large characteristic that comes with this replace is the ‘Ship When On-line’ characteristic that delivers messages to a recipient once they come on-line.

This new choice has been added to Scheduled Messages, and is one other attention-grabbing addition to the moment messaging app. In fact, this selection is just obtainable in case you are allowed to see your recipient’s on-line standing.

With this update, Telegram is looking to make finding venues easier. Location sharing has been updated, and users can now tap a place directly on the map to select it, rather than scrolling through a list of all options.

There’s also a new Search function that allows you to easily jump between messages containing the desired keyword.

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Tapping the bottom bar will switch to list view in case the user wants to see all the results on one page. Telegram will also now remember your last position when resuming playback of audio files longer than 20 minutes.

Telegram for Android gets additional new features like quick access to the night mode switch, and Maps also get Night Mode support.

The update also packs sleek new animations and lets you now select a portion of the message text to copy or share, instead of only the full text.

On iOS, Telegram brings the ability to adjust the font size throughout the app, faster switching of accounts, and it now also supports external browsers for opening links.

The Storage Usage page has been redesigned to quickly find the settings you‘re looking for, and a new clear cache shortcut has also been added when the user selects multiple texts in a group or channel.

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