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The Cheat Sheet to Discover Fake Samsung Smartphones

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
fake samsung smartphones

Today, am going to share with you the cheat sheet to discover fake Samsung smartphones and I hope you enjoy this article. You can testify that a lot of people have indeed gotten hands on different types of fake Samsung smartphones because of how cheap they tend to be on the market, So am going to show you how to identify this fake devices that are selling in the market.

I will explain soon why fake smartphones are out there.

I could remember then when I got a fake android smartphone so cheap that I forgot that such could happen to me, this was because I was given a samsung S5 cheaply for a price worth of samsung J2. Funny right?

Well, that’s what it means getting a cheap phone without imagining if its possible to get such out there.

Are you Afraid about why fake smartphones are so much out there?

Well, the most common reason for fake smartphones like that samsung S5 I got so cheaply is because samsung, infinix and tecno smartphones runs on android and do you know android OS is an open source operating system?

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I will burst the bubble, open source means its open to all interested parties under open source licenses. Yeah, just like when you source code someone’s else code forgetting its open source that another person will also make use of the same code.

So, this has made phone manufacturers take advantage of creating counterfeit devices out there for everyone forget they could also be harmful. The good news; this tech giants are doing there best to make sure manipulating of phones reduces or may I say is cut short.

The Cheat Sheet to Discover Fake Samsung Smartphones

Cheat 1: Checking the IMEI on your Samsung Smartphone

If you are really new to IMEI. well, it means international mobile equipment identity they are unique number which every smartphone has. So the IMEI must be similar to the manufacture box IMEI number. So how do you check the IMEI number of your samsung device to be sure its correct? Well, dial *#06#.

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Cheat 2: Using the Code test on Samsung Smartphones

Well, you should definitely try this to find out if your smasung phone is truly original. Simply dial the following codes listed below:

*#232337# (Bluetooth Address)

*#0228# (ADC Reading)

*#232331# (Bluetooth Test Mode)

*#32489# (Ciphering Info)

*#1234# (View SW Version PDA, CSC, MODEM)

*#0*# (Samsung General Test Mode)

*#12580369# (Device SW & HW Info)

*#197328640# (Service Mode)

Please note that if the smartphone on your hand does not bear these codes on it, then you should know the device is fake. I love this samsung code and you should bookmark this page to always remember it incase you forget.

Cheat 3: Checking Camera Quality on Samsung

So we have looked at two cheats and here is the last one. Well, any samsung phones using a dull and poor camera is not original that’s simple. Why because, samsung phones are known for capturing sharp photos and if this samsung phone can’t give you such then its fake. Finally, we have taken a look at the three best cheat that works best and I hope you enjoyed this article? Please leave a comment if you still having issues with identifying fake samsung

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