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TikTok Testing These Instagram Look Alike Features (See Report)

by Abioye Shinaayomi
TikTok Testing These Instagram Look Alike Features (See Report)

Y’all have heard of TikTok right? A lot of you even use the popular application… Well, TikTok is about to add new features to its application soon and you guys will love it.

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About TikTok:

Owned by a Beijing-based startup named ByteDance, TikTok saw its first-time installs grow to about 28 percent year-over-year for the first half of 2019 to nearly 344 million globally despite a sad two-week ban in India during the second quarter (Q2), revealed an estimate by mobile app intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

TikTok Logo HD

TikTok HD Logo

The very popular short video-sharing app TikTok is reportedly ready to launch a host of new features that seem to have been inspired by the social media giant “Instagram”. The features were discovered by reverse-engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong who posted some screen grabs of the new features via Twitter platform.

The Instagram-inspired features include a grid-style layout, an account switcher, and a Discover page, among others.

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our community,”.

The spokesperson was quoted as saying by the TechCrunch on Saturday.
The TikTok spokesperson, however, declined to offer further details about the company’s plans but confirmed the features were things the company is currently working on.
Earlier this week, there was a speculation that social networking giant Facebook was preparing the launch of a serious competitor to TikTok.
Did you know;
TikTok has over 700 million users globally, out of which nearly 200 million are from India.

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