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Top Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria 2019/2020

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

List of Top GPS Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria: Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker is one of the leading car tracking companies in the country. Car theft is a very vital issue in most Nigerian States and these rampant cases of car robbery should be addressed as soon as possible. 

However, you might land in trouble even when trying to choose a car tracking company in Nigeria because not all car tracking agencies proffer efficient tracking devices.

This narrow down to why car owners have doubt in car trackers in Lagos, Abuja and anywhere in Nigeria and ask; “Which of these car tracking devices can I use?

7 Best Car Tracking Company in Nigeria

Car Tracker Nigeria

Car Tracker is one of the leading car tracking companies in the country. Their state of the art vehicle tracking software can help you find and recover your stolen vehicle.

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Philux International

Philux International perfectly combines GSM and GPRS technology to produce an innovative car tracking device.

Their tracking device is popular among many which include individuals and corporate organization.

V-Dile Solutions Ltd

Incorporated in 2008, V-Dile Solutions is another foremost car tracking company in Nigeria.

Located in Ikeja, Lagos, V-Dile Solutions specializes in the procurement and installation of car tracking devices.

Olive Track Ltd

When it comes to finding the latest car tracking technologies, one company you should contact will be Olive Track.

The company aptly combines GPS and GSM technologies to enable the car owner receive and transmit the right data needed to see the location of the vehicle in real time.

Abon Technology Ltd

Located in the outskirts of Lagos, Abon Technology is one of the car tracking companies committed to reducing the incidence of car theft in the country through their automated car tracking devices.

Their online GPS system enables users to track their vehicles in real time as well as monitor and manage their fleet irrespective of location.

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Envoy Car-Tracking

When it comes to the combination of GPRS, GSM and GPS technology into a car tracking device, it is obvious that Envoy Car-Tracking does this job quite well.

Zenda Car Tracker

When it comes to GPS tracking service, Zenda is one of the popular choices. The car tracking solution offered by this company is quite affordable whether you’re using it for your personal car or for fleet management.

Their products come with one year full warranty as well as an instructional guide that helps you get started quickly.

Stremcom Track

Stremcom Track is a reputable provider of car tracking solutions in Nigeria. With offices in Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt, Stremcom Track has a team of professionals that are experts in the installation of car tracking devices.

These devices provide timely information on the location and state of your vehicles via SMS. They also provide important information such as the speed of your vehicle as well as the fuel level.

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