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Twitter Introduces New Pinned List Feature for iOS Users

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Twitter is the best place for a savage, Twitter announced the new update in a tweet, saying, “Make lists even better for you! Now on iOS, you can pin up to five lists, rearrange them, and swipe to access from home.”

With this new feature, Twitter users can do things like group co-workers, friends along with family into different lists, and then with a swipe, view just tweets from each individual list, MacRumors reported on Monday.

“Customizable timelines that are easy to access? We are thinking about ways to do this! One idea we had is for you to be able to swipe to your lists from home.

If you are in the test tell us what you think,” the company had originally tweeted in June when it had previously tested the feature among some users. In July, it added, “Ready for more customization?

Now you can pick which lists will appear and pin them. Just don’t let your lists know you’re playing favourites.”

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As per the report, Twitter has also changed the design of list pages, introducing header images and making it easier to see list of members and who is subscribed to the given list.

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