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Twitter Reportedly Testing a Way to “Snooze” Push Notifications

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Tech Giant, Twitter is reportedly testing a new feature that can allow users to mute push notifications for a certain amount of time. The discovery was first made by Jane Manchun Wong, who discovers unreleased features on some popular social media applications.

Wong found this new feature out by looking at the code underneath the social network’s Android application. She spotted a built-in bell-shaped snooze button right at the top right corner of the notifications tab and tapping it brought out a Snooze Notifications panel that allows you to mute push notifications for up to twelve (12) hours.

This new feature being tested by Twitter is labelled as “Snooze” and it allows you silence notifications for either one, three or twelve hours. Once the new Snooze feature is turned on, notifications would continue to pack up in the “Notifications” tab of the Twitter app and can be viewed later at anytime.

“Seeing the blue circle of push notifications popping up our Twitter app often sparks joy. For example, when your tweet went viral, your phone might keep buzzing nonstop. Sometimes, there might be a desire to pause the stream of push notifications on Twitter. Now Twitter has a ‘Snooze’ button that lets you pause push notifications for a specific amount of time,” Wong said in her blog post.

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