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Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone 11

by Abioye Shinaayomi

Hey Guys… Today i’ll be talking about “Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPhone 11” … The heading might look a bit controversial but i’ll be bringing out the “Why?” you definitely shouldn’t buy an iPhone 11 today…

Releasing a new Smartphone ain’t easy and we all know it… Smartphone companies have been trying all they can to make sure the level of Glitches in newly released smartphone models are reduced to the nearest minimum, but, no matter what, there are still bound to be some little glitches. Though they might not be major ones.

Now, lets get on with the “Why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 11” today…

Wireless Charging Problem

common iphone 11 pro problems and how to fix them feature image

Issues with dysfunctional wireless charging on the new iPhone 11 is widespread. Some iPhone 11 users with Qi wireless chargers report that after they place certain iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max models on the charger, the iPhone may recognize it as a charger, but it still won’t actually charge, and may even become heated. Some iPhone 11 users said that this bug first surfaced after installing various iterations of iOS 13, which may be the cause of the problem.

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Internet Connection – Not 5G

Why You Shouldn't Buy An iPhone 11 2

You’re a fan of super fast internet surfing speeds and you really needed to upgrade from the widespread 4G to the newly introduced 5G network?? Then, the iPhone 11 is not for you… It’s possible we’ll see the faster cellular network capabilities in Apple’s next year’s models, but for now, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for Smartphones with really speedy internet connection (5G), I’ll recommend you look at the Galaxy S10 5G or the Galaxy Note 10 5G .


The iPhone 11 is actually really known to have this problem worldwide with all their releases… So, you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 11 if you worry about your device overheating all the time.

On an Apple device thread, one of the comments under the Heat-related issues thread goes thus;

“I received my iPhone 11 Pro on Friday and notice my phone getting hot while using GPS on Saturday and then again on Monday. It was uncomfortably hot and to hold. I took it to Apple Monday evening and they informed me that as long as the phone doesn’t shut down or give the too hot alert then it is fine. I still think something is wrong and I will keep a close eye on this.”

Activation issues

Activation problems are very common problems when you tryna to get a new phone up and running for the first time, regardless of model of the device, and the iPhone 11 has proven to be no different. Some smartphone companies are currently trying to combat this issue but so far we’re still stuck with it for now…

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You hate taking amazing photos and videos

Apple spent almost the entire iPhone 11 Pro aspect of its keynote presentation on the fact that the device has some really advanced upgraded camera capabilities. Even the iPhone 11 has got some pretty impressive upgrades.

Why You Shouldn't Buy An iPhone 11 3

The “Pro” in the iPhone 11 pro is actually because of the advanced Camera upgrade. The iPhone 11 pro boasts of new 12MP cameras allows you to shoot everything from 13mm ultra-wide shots through 52mm “telephoto” lens with what the Apple company tagged a pro camera system. That’s actually understandable considering each of the cameras are capable of 4K extended dynamic range (EDR) video, with video stabilization, while allowing users to zoom in and out between each camera seamlessly.

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