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World Photography Day: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Tweets 5 Stunning Images Taken By an iPhone

by Abioye Shinaayomi

World popular Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter and shared five (5) stunning photos that were allegedly taken with an iPhone and among those images shared was an image taken by the popular Indian photographer Varun Aditya.

Cook tweeted an image that was clicked by Varun Aditya and posted:

“Double Rainbow adorned by elephants in the beautiful Savannah at Amboseli, Kenya.” #shotoniPhone by Varun Aditya (IG: varun.aditya) #WorldPhotographyDay

World Photography Day

Did you know :-World Photography Day is observed every August 19.

Varun Aditya is a leading wildlife photographer from India. He is popularly known for his vibrant and unique story-telling compositions, his images have made into a lot of global leading publications.

“Happy World Photography Day! Today and every day we are inspired by what our customers capture with iPhone. Take a look at some of our recent favourites from around the world,”. Cook further tweeted.

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