All BlueSky Social Invite Codes on the Internet (2023)

All BlueSky Social Invite Codes on the Internet
All BlueSky Social Invite Codes on the Internet

Three days ago, I wrote a step-by-step guide on how you can get BlueSky invite codes for free and y’all blew the article up. It got a ton of views and the reactions were up the roof. But, some hours after the article kept making waves, the Invite code was revoked and a lot of people began sending me messages personally to update the code and get new ones.

The issue was that most of the codes I got after that, also stopped working after a very short time and none of them really lasted again and they were only able to be used by those I could reach personally. So, I decided to write this article to keep everyone updated on BlueSky Social invite codes as I get them. I will be updating the codes here in this article and I’ll also be dropping them in the FaqonTech Telegram group. You can join HERE

So, there are two ways you can get an Invite code for BlueSky. You can either use the STEMS server to create an account or you can ask for an Invite for someone who is already on the platform and has been active for over two weeks to send you one of the 5-20 invites they will be given for being an active member.

You also have the excruciatingly long option of waiting on the Waitlist and a code will be sent to you to be able to create an account on the platform. I have found out that in recent weeks, little or no people actually receive invites via this method.

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Now, for those of you who do not know what BlueSky is, it’s a new Social media platform created by the former. CEO of Twitter – Jack Dorsey. It was created to be a direct rival to Twitter and just like I reviewed before, is still doing a bad job at that but I’m sure with time and the highly skilled team on the project, it could become something truly remarkable.

While using the BlueSky platform, you will notice that almost the entire UI was built as something of a Twitter Clone. With the Retweet button, Like button, and Comments being in the exact positions ad that of Twitter, its profile page completely mirrors Twitter and even the feed page.

So, now that you know what BlueSky is all about, let’s take a look at invite codes on the Internet that you could use to create an account on the BlueSky platform!

BlueSky Social Invite Codes on the Internet (WORKING!)

Stems Server Invite Codes

  1. stems-social-swukchr
  2. stemssocial-4fg7kf
  3. stemssocial-oY4b8th
  4. stemssocial-op2s6th
  5. stemssocial-yOgasxz
  6. stemssocial-hslacdn
  7. stemssocial-yOgasxz
  8. stemssocial-op6vht
  9. stemssocial-op2s7hy

BlueSky Social Server Invite Codes

  1. bsky-social-qbh2ct4
  2. bsky-social-327whxn2
  3. bsky-social-327whxn2
  4. bsky-social-942yjnr7
  5. bsky-social-518zgkx1
  6. bsky-social-63udqf45
  7. bsky-social-856tmr29
  8. bsky-social-27jvkah8
  9. bsky-social-401prmq5
  10. bsky-social-57clxwz8
  11. bsky-social-18ztfgn4
  12. bsky-social-93wpdhk6
  13. bsky-social-69vjbys0
  14. bsky-social-12skfzq9
  15. bsky-social-vsod6te
  16. bsky-social-g3fsrtl
  17. bsky-social-7xhbxd3
  18. bsky-social-yev4hf2
  19. bsky-social-bs6hd4x
  20. bsky-social-63fdvo8
  21. bsky-social-fuc4km6
  22. bsky-social-tebhs91
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The Stems server codes have a higher chance of working for you because lots of people can use one Stems server Invite code but as for the BlueSky social server code, only one person can use a code before it expires.

Why the BlueSky STEMS Server Invite Code Is Not Working

As for the bsky social code, the code at the end of the list is going to be updated as I get more, so make sure to keep checking if the number of codes on the list goes up. You can also join our official Telegram channel here to get new codes as they are being updated. It will be posted there seconds before it’s updated on the website here.

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