How to pay for your TV License in Ghana

How to pay for your TV License in Ghana

This article will show you How to pay for your TV License in Ghana, The TV license fee contributes to the funding of public broadcasting services, ensuring the availability of quality content and programming.

The fee remains GHC36 for one set per household for one year.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) has introduced a short code for the payment of a TV license, and many Ghanaians are questioning its relevance.

According to an interview on, Prof Amin Alhassan, the Director General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), shed light on the importance of paying for the TV License in Ghana.

Prof Amin Alhassan clarified that there is a common misconception among Ghanaians regarding the term “TV License.” He emphasized that the TV License is essentially a public media tax, as stipulated in Ghana’s law, specifically the GBC Act 1968, which refers to it as a radio and TV receiving set license.

The introduction of this license back in 1968 was primarily aimed at generating revenue when television was the predominant media technology in Ghana.

How to pay for your TV License in Ghana

The code works across networks is *447*333#.

  • Dial *447*333#
  • Click on the first option that says “Make Payment”
  • Type in your Name
  • Now, select your region
  • Select 1 to confirm your information
  • Complete the transaction
  • That’s all.

In conclusion, the TV License in Ghana is not an arbitrary fee but rather a means to support the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, uphold the standards of public broadcasting, and ensure the availability of diverse and engaging programming for the Ghanaian audience.

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By paying the TV License, Ghanaians play an active role in promoting their country’s cultural heritage, staying informed, and supporting the growth of the broadcasting industry.

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