How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp (2023)

How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp
How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Hello World! In this article, I’ll be explaining how you can view deleted messages on WhatsApp. Oftentimes, when a person sends a message to you and then it gets deleted before you get to open the message, it makes you anxious to know what the person has deleted.

Being able to see deleted messages on WhatsApp gives you a kind of satisfaction I can’t explain. In fact. It almost feels like a Villanous Superpower. With the method I’ll be teaching in this article, you’ll be able to view deleted messages in your private chats and also in your groups.

Now, as a disclaimer, the ability for you to be able to view deleted messages on WhatsApp is only available for Android users, and throughout all my research on how to do this, I didn’t find a single method you could use to pull this off if you’re using an iPhone.

The reason is that the first method I’ll be explaining in this article requires you to have a modded WhatsApp installed on your device, and iPhones do not have support for modded WhatsApp versions on their Operating systems.

So, I’ll first explain how you can view deleted messages on WhatsApp using the modded WhatsApp, and then I’ll explain how you can do this using some very special third-party applications available on Google PlayStore. But, the most reliable method is using the modded WhatsApp version.

How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp: Using FOUAD WhatsApp

FOUAD WhatsApp is a special type of WhatsApp available for Android users. This WhatsApp has a ton of useful features that you cannot get if you use the original version of WhatsApp available on Google PlayStore.

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This version of WhatsApp has evolved over time, and it has steadily incorporated features that make its users keep using it over the original WhatsApp. You get features like hiding your last seen time on WhatsApp, viewing deleted status updates, viewing deleted messages, customizing your WhatsApp’s UI, and lots more…

For you to be able to view deleted messages on WhatsApp using FOUAD WhatsApp, follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the WhatsApp application installed on your Android device
  2. Download the latest version of FOUAD WhatsApp HERE and HERE
  3. Install FOUAD WhatsApp on your Android device
  4. Open the FOUAD WhatsApp application and sign into your account
  5. Click on the three-line icon on the top-right corner of your screen
  6. Tap on “FMMods”
  7. Tap on “Privacy and Security”
  8. Scroll downwards till you see an option that says “Anti-Delete Messages.”
  9. Now, toggle the bar ON, and that’s it! You can now see every deleted message sent to you on WhatsApp, both on your private chats and on groups too.

How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp: Using Third-Party applications.

Now, let’s take a look at how to view deleted messages on WhatsApp using Third-Party applications like Notisave. There are also some other third-party applications that can do this, but with the design and performance of the Notion application. I’ll say it’s the best that you can get. But, I’ll also be listing out some other applications you can use instead of notion to view deleted messages on WhatsApp.

To do this;

  1. Make sure your WhatsApp application is on the latest version. If it isn’t, head on to the Google PlayStore and update your app.
  2. Now, after updating your WhatsApp, go back to the Google PlayStore, and in the Search bar provided, type in “Notisave App.”
  3. After installing the app, provide the needed permissions. The Notisave application will require permission to read images, notifications media, and files, as well as to toggle the auto-start feature.
  4. After then, the program will begin recording every notification you receive, including all your WhatsApp messages.
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Even if the sender of a message deletes the messages, you will still be able to view them using the Notisave application. However, this has no effect on the fact that on your WhatsApp application, the message will still show as deleted.

Furthermore, Notisave allows you to reply to messages without having to exit the app. The app is also useful for reading notifications that you have mistakenly swiped away.

Alternative Applications to Notisave

  1. WhatsRemoved+
  2. WAMR
  3. Auto RDM
  4. WhatsDelete
  5. WhatisRemoved+

Conclusion on How To View Deleted Messages on WhatsApp

Did you enjoy the article? Well, I hope you did. If you have any questions you’ll like to ask regarding viewing deleted messages on WhatsApp for your Android devices. You can drop them in the comment section below.

If you also have any additions you think should be put in this article that could be helpful to others or if any corrections need to be made, please make sure you alert me using the comment section below.

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