Best Saving Apps in Nigeria

Best savings apps in Nigeria

Are you searching for the best saving apps in Nigeria?

Well, this article will give you access to the 5 best savings apps in Nigeria that are recommended by the Faqontech team.

Do you still remember the traditional way of saving money in Nigeria?

Let’s bring back the old memories…

Do you still remember using Kolo, bottles, and others to save money? Well, the saving apps in Nigeria have helped reduce how we save and break our savings before the due date.

Your savings can solve a number of goals like buying a house, funds for retirement or even purchasing a vehicle.

We all want to save for various reasons and saving money is so important. I remember saving money to get myself a new house.

Best Saving Apps in Nigeria

Here is the list of best saving apps in Nigeria.


Kuda is a fintech platform that functions like the traditional banks we all know but Kuda allows you to perform all your daily bank activities right on its Mobile app or Web application. With Kuda, you can also save while spending, this is a unique feature on Kuda that allows you to save a percentage of what you spent.

Since Kuda is a fintech platform and also a licensed bank under the central bank of Nigeria with the name Kuda Microfinance Bank, saving your money on the platform is safe. In addition, Kuda is known for not removing interest every month when you store/ save money with the App.

Create an Account with Kuda here.


Piggyvest is also another fintech platform that is popularly known for its savings feature, Piggyvest allows users to invest and earn more money. The platform supports both Mobile apps and Web applications, they recently acquired Abeg App a fintech that has a unique way of sending and receiving money in Nigeria.

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The interesting part about using Piggyvest is its interest rate while saving.

You could choose to set aside, for instance, between ₦50 and 20,000 or more each day. Your desired amount will be automatically withheld from your account each day after you set it up. The Piggyvest saving challenge will help you get addicted to saving when you see others saving so much.

Create an Account with Piggyvest here.


Cowrywise is a savings and investment platform developed to equip individuals with the required tools to make life super easy. Cowrywise is registered with the securities and exchange commission (SEC) of Nigeria.

Cowrywise has various fun ways to save and also earn interest while saving. Create an account with Cowrywise here.

We will keep updating the list with more saving apps in Nigeria when we find and trust their services. The platforms mentioned above are tested and trusted.

If you encounter any issues while using the platform kindly leave a comment below.

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