How to Enable Facetime Reactions on IOS 17 + Correct Gestures

How to Enable Facetime Reactions on IOS 17

I will show you how to enable the Facetime reactions effect on IOS 17 and also the correct gestures to enable them. This is the right place to learn everything about the Facetime reactions on IOS 17.

Apple Introduced the reactions to Facetime on the recently released IOS 17 that triggers when you perform certain gestures.

Can’t Find Reactions on your iPhone Faccetime Effects?

If you want to use those cool FaceTime reaction gestures, you’ll need to have iOS 17 on your iPhone. If your iPhone has an older iOS version, you won’t be able to use these gestures. So, make sure to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 17.

But here’s the catch: FaceTime reaction gestures only work on iPhone 12 and newer models. So, if you have an iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, or any of the iPhone 11 models, you won’t be able to use those fun reaction gestures on FaceTime.

How to Enable Facetime Reactions on IOS 17

  • While on a Facetime call, swipe down from the top-right corner.
  • Tap on the Effects sections.
  • Tap on Reactions to Enable or Disable it.

Correct Gestures for Facetime IOS 17

  • Single Thumbs Up – Thumbs up emoji
  • Single Thumbs Down – Thumbs down emoji
  • Double Thumbs Up – Fireworks
  • Double Thumbs Down – Cloud
  • Heart sign – Heart emoji
  • Peace sign with one hand – Balloons
  • Peace sign with two hands – Confetti
  • Rock sign with two hands – Lasers

It’s also important to note that these reactions only works on Facetime.

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