Take a Look at Apple IOS 17 Features

Apple IOS 17

Here are a few features you should expect from Apple IOS 17 on Sept 12. With iOS 17, Apple has enhanced the personalization and intuitiveness of the iPhone by giving careful thought to the everyday features we all depend on.

Improved Apple Maps

For the first time, Maps can be downloaded for offline usage in iOS 17. A specific area of the maps app can be saved and explored while offline. This would help while in a location with no internet access.

Improved Apple Notes

The Notes app on Apple will now support interlinking with another note to form a wiki-style system.

Improved Apple Music

Apple Music will support collaborative playlist so your friends and family can add, reorder and remove songs from a playlist. participants can also react to songs with emoji.

Health App New Feature

There are new mental health features in the Health app, including a mood tracking feature. Using the Health app on iPhone, you can select your mood at the moment or your mood for the overall day.

Improved Apple Store

The App Store app can now tell you how long an app will take to download once the download has been initiated. When you tap the “Get” or purchase button on an app and the circular download symbol pops up, it will show the time remaining.


NameDrop feature, The nameDrop allows you to exchange contact with another iPhone just by bringing both phones closer.

Improved Autocorrect

Improved autocorrect, IOS 17 is using an updated machine learning technology for improved autocorrect which means predictions would be better than ever

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Hey Siri or Siri

Switch between Hey siri and Siri, I don’t know if this feature is useful but IOS 17 will now allow you say SIRI and ignore the Hey in it.

Contact Poster

Contact Poster, You can customize what people see when they call you but they must also use an iPhone to see this poster.

Improved FaceTime

The facetime app now allows you to leave a video. or audio message when someone misses your facetime call which is similar to how you can leave voicemail for a missed phone call. You also get a faceTime reaction with fun 3d augmented reality effect.


AirTags and Find My network accessories can now be shared between up to five people, so family members can finally share AirTags with one another.

Improved Reminder App

The Reminders app can automatically sort your groceries into categories to make shopping easier. Grocery items like produce, milk, and breads are automatically organized under different headers as you add them to your shopping list.

Weather App

The Weather app features a moon module the current status of the moon, the time until the next full moon, moonset and moonrise times, and a moon calendar. Sad part is vampires it doesn’t indicate if it’s blood moon.

Safari Browser

Safari supports profiles in iOS 17, which means you can have profiles for different activities like work and personal use.

Improved iMessage

Apple tweaked the design of the Messages app to give it a cleaner look. All Messages apps and tools like the camera and photo options can be accessed by tapping on the “+” button.

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