How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps

How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps
How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps

You’re probably here because you have a URL that has been blocked by Social Media Giant, Facebook due to violation of policies either through your Facebook Pages and groups or you’re just a curious reader and researcher who wants to know more about tech-related topics like these. Well, if you’re either of these people or none at all, you’re welcome and this is definitely the right place for you to be. In this article, I’ll be explaining How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps.

Why Does Facebook Block URLs

Facebook is unarguably the most popular Social Media platform used for sharing scores of website content ranging from Blog posts to Infographics.

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Normally, individual users of Facebook and Facebook Business Accounts should be able to share all these without having any issues, but under Facebook’s Terms of service, they have the right to block harmful content that will affect its users and this includes spam links that might lead to Malware.

If you find out that for some reason, traffic coming up from Facebook to your website URL has reduced drastically and you also cannot create Facebook posts that include your own URL, there are a number of things that could’ve gone wrong and some of them are:

  • There was a mistake with Facebook’s algorithm – Due to the fact that Facebook has Billions of users and its going to be impossible for Human moderators to keep checking every single Facebook page, posted links and others, the use of a special algorithm is utilized by Facebook to locate spam links and some other content on the platform that violates their Community standards. If there are a lot of links on your profile to your website, this algorithm can mark your URL as a Spam URL and then block it.
  • You violated Facebook’s Community Standards – Facebook has some rules showing clearly what you can post on Facebook and what you cannot! Going ahead to violate any one of these rules can lead to your URL being blocked by Facebook.
  • Your website is Malware-Infected – If your website contains even the smallest bit of Malware and Facebook’s algorithm picks it up, your URL will be blocked but you can fix this by checking out the later parts of this article on “How To Unblock a URL blocked on Facebook”.
  • You were reported by a Facebook User – If your URL gets reported by a Facebook user or mutiple Facebook Users, your URL will be blocked and sometimes it may not be true that your link is harmful, it might just be a wicked act of a person or group of people who are looking to hurt your business.
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Now let’s get on with the main topic:

How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps

Step One: Confirm that Facebook has actually blocked your URL

The first thing you need to do after noticing a drop in traffic coming up from Facebook to your website URL or you also cannot create Facebook posts that include your own URL, is to confirm that Facebook has actually blocked your URL and you can do this by using Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool.

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You just need to open the webpage, then input your website link in the search box provided, after doing that, if you see an error message showing that Facebook cannot review your website due to a violation of Facebook’s community standards, then it means that your URL has actually been blocked by Facebook. And, if the scan comes back without an error, then you need to screenshot that page using your smartphone or laptop so that you can show the evidence to Facebook if that becomes essential.

Step Two: Check out Facebook’s Community Standards

The next thing you have to do is to check out Facebook’s Community Standards again to be absolutely sure that you truly haven’t violated any of their rules. If you don’t do this and you have actually violated some rules and you’re still fining for an appeal, then your appeal has a 99% chance of getting denied.

Facebook’s Community Standards are a lot and it will take you time to review all of them one-by-one. So, to do this faster, you need to go to your Facebook page and search for the “Page Quality tab“. Here, you will be shown any violations you have made on Facebook recently and also how you can fix them.

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Step Three: You Can Now Resubmit Your Site to Facebook

To resubmit your site to Facebook, you can go through a lot of steps, but I’m going to be highlighting the easiest ways to do this.

Firstly, you can go back to Facebook’s Sharing Debugger Tool and click on “let us know” in the error message you received after putting in your link in the search box as I explained above. The link will direct you to a short submission form and in this form, you can explain why you believe Facebook blocked your URL by mistake. Now, the chances of this actually working is next to none as Facebook cannot view individual requests.

Secondly, you can try reaching Facebook using some other of their support channels like the Facebook Business Help Center and Facebook’s Help Center.

Thirdly, you can submit a more detailed report of your issue using these easy steps:

  • Click on the arrow button located at the top-right end of your account screen
  • Click on “Help and Support”
  • Click on “Report a Problem”
  • Finally, click on “Something went wrong”

This will now open a separate window where you can file a detailed report regarding your issue to Facebook’s support team. Here, you can include your screenshots and some other important information that you believe should be enough to get your URL released and this concludes the topic “How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps”.

Did you enjoy the article (How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook)? Well, we hope you did. If you have any questions you’ll like to ask or if you missed any of the steps below and you need assistance, you can drop them in the comment section below. If you also have any additions you think should be put in this article that could be helpful to others, make sure you alert us using the comment section below. Thanks for reading our article on “How To Unblock a URL Blocked on Facebook in Three (3) Easy Steps”.

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