New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds Review

New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds Review

In this article, we will review the New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds. The New Age Iron Man Mini is one of New Age Electronics Audio that comes with lots of unique features.

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New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds Review

Opening the box, we are greeted with the New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds, a type-c USB cable, extra ear tips and a user manual at the back.

The New Age Iron Man Mini comes with Bluetooth version 5.0, a distance of 10 meters, an earbud battery of 30mAh, charging case has 300mAh. The Iron Man Mini comes with a plastic build body and looks like a glass design. Inside the charging case, you would find the Earbuds themselves.

The Earbuds are really light and fit perfectly into the ear and you can wear them for more hours without having to feel any pain. On the earbuds, this little space is touch sensitive and they control the call and music.

The most important aspect of any earbuds: the sound quality. I have to say, I’m pressed with the audio performance of these earbuds.

The sound is well-balanced, with clear and crisp highs that bring out the details in the music.

The vocals are rendered beautifully, allowing the lyrics to shine through without being overpowered by other elements.

The Mids are rich and warm and give a nice depth to the overall sound. Coming to the bass, the earbuds deliver a little punchy and well-defined solid foundation to the music.

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I tested the earbuds on different genres and it handled them quite well.

The earbuds turn on automatically once it’s taken out of the charging case just like every other earbud.

Connecting the earbuds to my smartphone was seamless using Bluetooth.

Putting it back into the charging case would turn it off. You can also turn on the earbuds when it is turned off mistakenly without putting it back into the case. The earbuds have a rough touch space had difficulty getting the right touch to use the earbuds controls.

To do this, you need to long-press the left or right earbuds for 2 seconds to power on or off. New Age provided a call/music control guide in the manual.

Charging the earbuds and charging case from zero took about one hour and 40 minutes. The earbuds can last up to 7 hours and 45 minutes while using it to listen to music.

The earbuds have active noise cancellation or ANC. This technology is designed to block out external noise and provide a more immersive listening experience.

I have to say the ANC on these earbuds is quite impressive and doesn’t require any button to turn on.

There are no companion apps for these earbuds.

I could not confirm if the device is water resistant as it was not mentioned and I don’t want to risk putting it to the test without any information from New Age.

Comparison and Verdict

Overall the earbud is worth the price and the comfort of the earbuds gives it a good choice for those who spend more time wearing the earbuds. The New Age Iron Man Mini Earbuds which goes for around 10,700 Naira.

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