Oraimo Riff Review: Should I Buy the Oraimo Riff For Smaller Comfort? – Specs & Price

Oraimo Riff Review

Don’t be surprised how Oraimo has been giving us various portable devices with great features, here we are going to talk about the Oraimo Riff for smaller comfort true wireless earbuds in this Oraimo Riff Review.

What does Oraimo have for us exactly by introducing the Oraimo Riff?

One BIG question is; Do I really need to buy the oraimo Riff?

Well, I hope this article is going to answer all your question about the Oraimo Riff for smaller comfort and also we will talk about the specs, price and where you can buy the product.

Oraimo Riff Specs

ModelRiff Smaller For Comfort True Wireless Earbuds
TypeIn-ears & Half in-ear
Switch between Call and MusicYes
Battery Life4.5 Hours
Frequency Response20 Hz (Min) – 20 KHz (Max)

Oraimo Riff Review

Oraimo is known for quality gadgets; we have seen the Oraimo freepods 3 and others but today, we have the Oraimo Riff so we are going to review the product.

The Oraimo Riff comes in Red, White and Black colours and on the front of the package you going to find the caption “Smaller for Comfort“.

In the box, you get the following:

  • 1x Oraimo Riff case with the buds inside
  • 1x USB-C Charging cable
  • 2 pairs of replacement rubber tips
  • User guide.

The design of this Oraimo Riff is similar to the Oraimo Freepods 2 and Freepods 2 Pro and it doesn’t come with a pouch so you have to get one yourself.

The Oraimo Riff is very small, which is why it’s called Oraimo Riff for smaller comfort true wireless earbuds so you can feel much more comfortable when using the Earbuds.

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It also comes with 10mm dynamic drivers and comes with IPX4 water resistance but I won’t advise you to allow it to enter or touch the water.

As for me, see the Oraimo Riff as a lesser version of Oraimo Freepods 2 or Freepods 3 based on price and sound quality. If you are on a strict budget but need wireless earbuds then you can go for the Oraimo Riff.

The device comes with half ENC on Oraimo Freepods 3 but lacks the automatic ear detection in Oraimo Freepods 2 Pro and the ENC for Oraimo Riff suppresses noise around you perfectly.

Well, the Oraimo Riff is a low budget Earbud for users who wish to keep to their Budget.

How to Control Oraimo Riff

  • Two taps on either earbud plays and pauses music
  • Two taps can also answer or end calls on either
  • Long press for 2 seconds on left earbud goes to previous track
  • Long press for 2 seconds on right

Oraimo Riff Price in Nigeria

The Oraimo Riff Price in Nigeria is about ₦10,900₦13,900 which is also available on Oriamo Nigeria official website if you wish to place an order. The device is also available in some stores around the country if you wish to buy from stores around you.

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