How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress

Hey Guys! Here’s an article on “How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress”. Now, this title is pretty straightforward and pretty much explains all I’ll be explaining in this article and in this article I’m going to be highlighting more than one way you can do this because, in all my years of writing, I’ve come to the conclusion that different people prefer having diverse methods of doing something instead of just going through one Pathway and some methods will seem easier to some people and some others might be a little more sophisticated.

Now, you’re probably reading this article because you’ve just gotten a very weird picture of your friend where they have a stupid expression on their face and you just can’t resist the urge to turn it into a sticker but you don’t know how to. Well, after reading this, your evil plan should be complete! Lol.

So, I feel like we should move directly into the steps without stalling much longer. Or, we should just look into a little history about how WhatsApp stickers came to be in the first place. Let’s go!

WhatsApp Stickers – How they Came to Be!

Now, we all know WhatsApp is a Social Media Messaging Platform owned by Facebook which was recently changed to Meta and is owned By Mack Zuckerberg and who is also owned by… lol…

Well, WhatsApp basically launched stickers in July 2019 and it was simultaneously launched for both iOS and Android devices at the same time. At the time of its launch, WhatsApp users had a limited selection of sticker packs. They could only use WhatsApp’s design team’s Sticker packs or those created by verified artists affiliated with the company. Now, that has changed and you can easily create your own WhatsApp stickers and use them immediately without passing through any stress at all or having any limitations.

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Now, we’re done with the little history explaining how WhatsApp stickers came to be and we’re going directly into the main topic to show you How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress. Let’s go!

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers (Method 1)

Users can now make stickers using the same window where they send stickers to contacts.”Sticker Maker is currently available on WhatsApp Web and is also accessible on DesktTo begin using the Sticker Maker application, download the most recent version of WhatsApp Web or Desktop, then from a chat window, click on the paperclip icon, then also the Sticker icon, and then you can upload a picture and create your own masterpiece.

Users must follow the procedures below to design their own stickers:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application
  2. Click on any of your Chats
  3. Click on the Paperclip icon
  4. Select “Stickers”
  5. Upload a Picture and customize. WhatsApp has provided tools for its users to draw, add text, resize, and add emoticons to their personalized stickers. 
  6. Hit the “Send” button.

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers (Method 2)

The second method you can use in creating your own WhatsApp sticker, is by using this FaqonTech recommended Video as a guide, the video is a very detailed one and you’ll definitely understand how to go about creating your own sticker without having any issues at all.

FaqonTech Recommended Video by Tech Surgeon!

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers (Method 3)

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress

Now, in this method, all you have to do is use a very easy-to-use sticker maker application to create your own WhatsApp stickers. Here are the steps you need to follow to do this without having any issues.

  1. Download the Sticker Maker app for Android and iOS HERE
  2. Install the application on your Smartphone
  3. Open the application
  4. Choose a unique name for your own personal sticker pack
  5. You may use up to Thirty stickers from your photographs. If you generated the stickers with a photo editing tool, you may clip them or use transparent PNG files
  6. You can now add your newly created sticker Pack to WhatsApp.
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How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers (Method 4)

How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress

Now, this isn’t actually a method to create your own WhatsApp sticker, but it’s just a way you can save WhatsApp stickers that you can call your own and it’s very easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Open your WhatsApp application
  2. Go to a Chat or a Group where you’ve seen a sticker you need
  3. Click on the Sticker and select the “Favorite option”
  4. Now, this sticker will be available for you to use in your “Favorites” tab anytime you want

You can also use this method to save as many stickers as you want. There are no limitations to how many you can save.

Now, this brings us to the end of this short article, did you enjoy the article (How To Create Your Own WhatsApp Stickers in 2 Minutes Without Stress)? Well, we hope you did. If you have any questions you’ll like to ask or if you missed any of the steps below and you need assistance, you can drop them in the comment section below. If you also have any additions you think should be put in this article that could be helpful to others, make sure you alert us using the comment section below.

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