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5 Useful Ways to Speed Up your Android Phone

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

Hello techie, today I will show you how to speed up your android phone following the tips mentioned here.

Here you will see the tips that can help you speed up your phone faster than it was before.

There are various ways to speed up that Android performance, and a few things you can do to make it feel faster.

5 ways to Speed Up your Android Phone

Update your Phone

it’s worth making sure your device is completely up to date. Every now and then a newer version of Android, an updated UI skin, a patch, or a bug fix will come along. Any of those may help to speed up Android.

Reduce Animation

It won’t actually speed up your phone, but reducing the time it takes to transition between screens and apps makes everything seem faster.

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To make this change, you’ll need to access the Developer Options in your device settings (also under Software Update).

Find where it says “Build Number” and tap that option seven times. Now head into the Developer Options menu and find where it says Transition animation scale.

If you set this to “off,” apps will just appear, instead of making a song and dance about it. You can also turn off Window animation scale and Animator duration scale.

Clearing cache Data

Cached data should actually make your phone quicker. 

For those apps with caches bulging at the seams, you can remove cached data individually by navigating to App info > Storage > Clear Cache.

Force GPU rendering

This will use your phone’s graphics processing unit (GPU) rather than software rendering for some 2D elements that aren’t already taking advantage of this option.

That means faster UI rendering, smoother animations, and more breathing room for your CPU.

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Background services

Head into your Developer Options menu again and look for “Background Check.” Here, you’ll see which apps have permission to run in the background. Untick the ones you don’t need and things may speed up. This is also good for battery life.

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