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How To Add Two Call To Action Buttons To Facebook Page (100% Working)

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
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Hey there, I will teach you how to add Two call to action buttons to facebook page doing this can improve your page and also increase your Click through rate when you the button you added is a link to your website.

So today, i will be showing the best way to get it done under 5 minutes.

Please, if after reading this post you still encounter any problem with adding Two Call To Action Buttons To Facebook Page please, leave a comment or join our telegram channel or group for the quick reply.

Before creating a Facebook page there must be a purpose for creating the blog and this valuable tip am sharing here tody will help you improve the page by another 5%.

Must of us, use our Facebook page wrongly forgetting that they used to advertise your business, brand, product or service. If you want your Facebook Page to become famous, you can’t just promote in on Facebook using Facebook Ads!

You need to know in 2020: 2.60 billion monthly active users use Facebook. It also has 1.73 billion users that are visiting the social networking site on a daily basis. Facebook is the leading social platform, reaching 60.6 percent of internet users.

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Facebook has become an essential place for businesses, brands, celebrities, musicians, public figures, non-profit organizations, schools, and more to interact with consumers and the wider audience of online users.

Today, i have come to notice that almost everyone has a page to talk about which is a great thing. To market your business successfully on Facebook, you need to understand Facebook’s unique opportunities.

Let’s quickly dive in and see how to add two buttons to our page quickly.

What is Facebook Page?

Facebook page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. Unlike personal profiles, pages do not gain “friends,” but “fans” – which are people who choose to “like” a page.

There are no fees associated with creating your page. All you need to have is a personal profile on Facebook and a business, and you can have your very own Facebook page.

Facebook Page can gain an unlimited number of fans, differing from personal profiles, which has had a 5,000 friend maximum put on it by Facebook. Facebook Pages work similarly to profiles, updating users with things such as statuses, links, events, photos, and videos. 

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Now, you already know what Facebook is all about and why the page is existing so let’s see how to add the call to action buttons to Facebook Page easily.

Let’s get started, please read this part carefully so you don’t make any mistake when adding the buttons.

How To Add Two Call To Action Buttons To Facebook Page

For example, if you want “visit group” and “send message” buttons to display on your Facebook page, follow the steps below :

  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the Facebook page section .
  3. Then click the page you want to have two call to action buttons.
  4. Navigate to settings > general > messages.
  5. Then and tick ‘Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button‘.
  6. After you might have done that go back to the page again.
  7. This time click
  8. Click + Add a Button below your Page’s cover photo.
  9. Select a button from the dropdown menu and follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. Click Save.
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Once the button has been created,its advisable you test your button to confirm its working properly:

  1. Click your button.
  2. Select the Test Button.

Your Facebook users will now see two CTA buttons on your Facebook page whenever they visit your page on desktop and on mobile devices.

Finally, you have successfully added two button to your Facebook page, if you still having issues please comment below.

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