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Adobe Set to bring Illustrator to iPad after Photoshop

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

This sounds great, as we all know how Apple products miss out on the world’s most used technology. Last year i could remember adobe promising to release photoshop but nothing happened.

Adobe may preview Illustrator for iPad at its Adobe Max conference in early November and plans to launch the full version sometime in 2020. The app is expected to “mirror” many features from the desktop version of Illustrator, which sounds a lot like what Adobe said it would be doing with Photoshop.

Illustrator, which designers rely on for digital drawing and creating graphics, would follow in the footsteps of Photoshop, which is scheduled to be available on the iPad later this year. Illustrator is one of Adobe’s most popular apps in its Creative Cloud software suite and would mirror many of the features from the desktop version when running on the iPad.

As at last week, Photoshop for iPad are apparently missing some features and other key functions from the desktop version. Adobe’s Scott Belsky, chief product officer of the company’s Creative Cloud group, told the publication that Adobe would “expand the capabilities” of Photoshop on iPad over time.

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Adobe’s plan to place the iPad at the centre of its cross-platform strategy is another signal the software maker and the Cupertino, California-based hardware giant are long past a once-contentious relationship.

Although Apple had been an investor in Adobe, Steve Jobs in 2010 criticised Adobe’s Flash player for video and games on the Internet, saying it hurt device battery life, privacy and security. In recent years, Adobe has been a fixture at Apple product announcements, continuously being used as an example of software that takes advantage of new Apple devices.

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