AfriLabs Launches E-Learning Platform to Help Support Innovation Across Africa

Anna Ekeledo AfriLabs

AfriLabs is known for supporting the development of the African technology and innovation ecosystem to participate in the global knowledge and innovation market place thereby stimulating economic growth.

The AfriLabs Academy, which is part of the AfriLabs Capacity Building Programme, is intended to provide African hub managers and staff, entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs), and other startup support institutions with the training and management skills needed to increase their competence and capacity to serve the rising number of startups and MSMEs in their communities.

Strathmore University co-created and approved the platform’s resources, and the platform was built on a requirements assessment to discover the needs of ESOs and hubs.

“According to the Needs Assessment study, a fully harmonised ESOs curricular framework is required to meet skills and business development shortages, as well as financial sustainability.”

“The AfriLabs Academy bridges the gap in skills and knowledge,” said Nanko Madu, AfriLabs’ director of programs.

“The AfriLabs Academy is a knowledge repository for innovation hubs and other stakeholders across Africa, with the goal of providing startup ecosystem facilitators with the necessary skills and training to help African companies.”

“I am really pleased with the team, partners, and community for making this possible,” said Anna Ekeledo, executive director of AfriLabs.

Click here to Sign up for the AfriLabs Academy.

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