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Airtel Introduces exciting Plans for Home Broadband Customers, Check it Out

by Ayorinde Ayodeji
As part of its efforts to deepen Home Broadband connectivity as well as offer Home Broadband customers more value for money, Airtel has announced the introduction of Ultra Plans, a new value offering that will empower users of Airtel’s Routers and MiFis to enjoy quality and reliable broadband service at highly discounted rates.

Under the new Ultra Plan, which comes in three variants, a customer who purchases the Ultra 20 will get 120 GB monthly for N20,000; the Ultra 15 offers 75GB at N15,000 while Ultra 10 gives a value of 40GB at N10,000.00.

While the Ultra 20 offers a daily bonus of 1GB, Ultra 15 and Ultra 10 offer bonus of 500mb and 250mb, respectively. This means that a customer under the Ultra 20 plan can enjoy up to 150GB Data. However, the bonus can only become active upon exhaustion of the main bundle.

Airtel says the new Ultra Plan is consistent with its positioning as the most preferred network for everything Home Broadband and Mobile Internet and it will continue to offer customers the best value and the most innovative offering even as it currently has the largest 4G network in Nigeria.

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To purchase Airtel Ultra Plans, customers are required to dial the USSD code, *370#, and thereafter follow the instructions from the application’s main menu or simply visit

The Airtel Ultra plans are available to both prepaid and postpaid customers and exclusively available to Airtel Routers, Mifi’s users.

The Airtel Routers and MiFi devices can also be purchased nationwide.

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