Best Way To Make Calls Without Airtime On Airtel

Best Way To Make Call Without Airtime On Airtel

You might be wondering if it’s even possible to make calls without Airtime on Airtel, well it’s possible and in this article, you will find everything you need to make calls with your airtel line.

It’s straightforward to get it done, keep reading I will show you how…

This strategy will help you reduce spending much on Airtime but the person you are calling will pay for the Airtime without you informing them about it.

However, you can also make this call on your Airtel SIM provided you have airtime.

In Nigeria, Airtel Networks Limited is a well-known mobile phone provider.

According to figures on customers given by the Nigerian Communications Commission on August 30, 2019, Airtel Nigeria has 46.8 million subscribers and a market share of 26.8% in the mobile phone industry.

Please it’s important to note that this article was created for educational purposes only and not to harm yourself or others.

You might be in a remote location without access to airtime, but you can’t really give up on the call you need to make right now.

The “Receiver pays service” is accessible from major network providers via various USSDs, but only customers on the same network can utilize it.

Apart from using this method, you can also get Airtel eSIM from any airtel center around you and use your mobile data/WiFi to make calls.

We have so many methods, you can also use your normal regular WhatsApp to make free calls without airtime or get a Google voice number.

How to Make Calls Without Airtime On Airtel

  • Get your mobile phone.
  • Enter your dial pad.
  • Copy the person’s contact from your phonebook, it will help.
  • Now paste or type the person’s phone number after #.
  • Then call the person.
  • Now, Airtel will deduct the receiver automatically why you enjoy the free call.
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