7 Best Ways To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

7 Best Ways To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

Is your Android/ iPhone always overheating? Here are the 7 Best ways to help you stop your phone from overheating really fast. I try to make use of these tips regularly when my smartphones overheat and they help me every single time.

When a phone gets too hot, it starts slowing down, some smartphone tends to shut down till it cools down but in this article, I will share with you the best ways to quickly stop your phone from always overheating or controlling it when it starts overheating.

You might have come across the same answer when you make use of a search engine for possible solutions like;

  • The brightness of your screen is too high.
  • You’ve had your Wi-Fi turned on for an excessive amount of time, and you’ve been playing too many games (often while also being told that your device is not a game console).

7 Best Ways To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

How smartphones are developed keeps changing when a new one is launched with a new cooling feature added to it, especially for gamers.

Remove Phone Case

This might occur if you always keep your phone in a case. Many cases are made of plastic, or they include a lot of plastic. The phone is insulated, keeping the heat in and cold out of even those manufactured with leather.

You can put the phone case when the heat reduces or when the phone is not performing any task.

Close Background Apps

Make it a practice of dismissing all apps after usage or installing an app killer to prevent background apps from draining your battery.

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Closing background Apps has become part of me that I can’t do without closing apps after usage and this helps me maintain a cool temperature.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Always keep your phone out of sunlight, it will help you reduce overheating. In strong sunshine, many electronic devices might overheat and stop working or charging. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use your smartphone during sunlight but try to avoid long exposure.

Your phone is made of metal and glass, which are two materials that absorb heat very quickly and can reach scolding hot temperatures. 

Reduce Phone Brightness

We should be familiar with this tip already, Your battery will have to work harder and generate more heat if you increase the screen’s brightness. To prevent your screen from remaining on for excessively long periods of time, reduce the brightness of your screen and think about reducing the length of the screen timeout.

Use Manufacturer-Approved Charger

Not using the right phone charger can also affect your phone, Not all phone chargers are created equally. It’s always important to use a charger from a well-known Manufacturer and also make sure the charger is compatible with your smartphone.

Keep Apps Updated

Companies keep updating their Apps and it’s important to update those Apps, you might get an update that helps improve how it uses energy from your smartphone.

Switch Off your Phone

If none of these steps helped in fixing your phone overheating then you should switch off your phone so it can cool down real fast. If you don’t wish to switch your phone, you can also stay close to a fan to help you blow the phone and reduce the heat while using it.

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I hope you found this article helpful, If you find any useful tips that were not mentioned in the best ways to stop your phone from overheating, you can mention them on your telegram group or use the comment section below.

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