How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android and iPhones (2023)

How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android and iPhones
How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android and iPhones

Hey, y’all. In this article, I’ll explain How to turn off captions for Twitter Videos on Android and also on iPhones. Twitter just rolled out this feature where all videos on the platform have a kind of auto-generated caption just like that of YouTube.

But, the developers of the feature launched this feature with the latest version of Twitter without actually launching an option for you to disable this new feature and it got annoying. Lots of Twitter users have been complaining that this feature isn’t useful for them and the captions aren’t even most of the time accurate at all.

I think I understand that this feature was launched for the hearing impaired and it’s for a good cause but the majority of Twitter users think that despite the good intentions of Twitter developers, it shouldn’t be forced on every single Twitter user.

Well, it’s been two days now and there hasn’t been an update from Twitter that either gives you the option to disable this feature or completely scrap the feature from Twitter.

Personally, I’ve been brainstorming on the best methods to remove the auto-generated caption that Twitter rolled out, and I have found a method to completely disable it on iPhones and also a way to make it less annoying on Android devices.

On Android devices, the caption seems to cover the whole smartphone screen and as a result of this, you cannot even see the content of whatever video you’re watching on Twitter. For iPhones, it’s a little bit better. The captions are minimized but it is still annoying to see especially when the captions are completely interpreting the speech in the video wrongly.

Or the case may be that the video you’re watching already has an in-built subtitle and Twitter’s auto-generated subtitles are just interfering with the already in-built caption on your screen.

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Well, firstly, we’ll check out how to remove the auto-generated captions on Twitter for iPhone users, and then we’ll check out how you can minimalize the effect of these auto-generated captions for Android users.

How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on iPhones

For you to completely turn off captions for Twitter Videos on iPhones, check out the steps below. If you want a more visual approach to the steps, I’ll add a recommended YouTube video at the end of the step-by-step guide.

  1. Open the Twitter application on your iPhone
  2. Scroll downwards on your home feed until you arrive at a video that shows Twitter’s auto-generated captions. Or, simply search for a video using the “Search” icon on Twitter for a video that has auto-generated captions enabled on it
  3. Now, click on the video to put it in full-screen mode
  4. Once in full-screen mode, hold down on the video and you should get a widget bar with some options to choose from
  5. Scroll a little bit downwards until you see “Open in Chrome”
  6. If you don’t have the Chrome browser installed on your iPhone, you can pause here and download it
  7. Once opened in Chrome, click on the video and begin playing it. Then, with the maximize icon on the bottom-right corner of the video, increase the size of the video to full-screen mode
  8. Now, click on the three dots at the bottom-right corner of the video screen
  9. You will see an option labeled “Captions.”
  10. Tap on “Captions” and then click on “Off”.

Now, all captions on your video should be completely removed and you should be able to watch Twitter videos on your iPhone smoothly without having to deal with captions.

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Here’s the YouTube video explaining all the steps:

How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android Devices

To turn off Twitter’s autogenerated captions for Android devices, follow the steps below. The steps below don’t actually remove the captions completely but they reduce the size of the captions to a very small size instead of it filling up the entire video screen.

  1. Close your Twitter application completely
  2. Go to “Settings” on your Android Smartphone
  3. Head on to “Additional Settings”
  4. Click on “Accessibility”
  5. Tap on “Hearing”
  6. Now, you’ll see an option that says “Caption Preferences”
  7. Click on that and then click on “Caption size and style”
  8. Tap on “Text size” and change it from “Defuault” to “Very Small”

Now, you can launch your Twitter application again and your captions should be very minuite enough not to constitute Nuisance on your Twitter videos.

Also, if you cannot find the “Additional Settings” option on your device. Simply, tap on the search bar in settings on your device and search for “Captions.”

Here’s the YouTube video explaining all the steps on How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android Devices:

Did you enjoy the article (How To Turn off Captions For Twitter Videos on Android and iPhones)? Well, I hope you did. If you have any questions, you’ll like to ask regarding removing auto-generated captions on both Android and iPhones, you can drop them in the comment section below.

If you also have any additions you think should be put in this article that could be helpful to others or if any corrections need to be made, please make sure you alert me using the comment section below.

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