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Download Fifa 20 apk mod+ obb data


Hello game lovers..am back with the latest apk mod of Fifa 20 which many of us have been waiting for. Please note that Fifa 20 apk is different from the Fifa 20 apk mod. Below are the features of the game.


Fifa 2020 apk mod
  • FIFA 20 mod comes with 52 unique stadia all from 12 countries
  • FIFA 2020 APK doesn’t have any glitches as all concerns have been fixed. If your opponent is near you, you can both launch the multiplayer mode using Bluetooth
  • This latest version of the FIFA 20 supports external joysticks which makes your gameplay faster and smoother
  • There’s no commentary on this game unless you have to download and move it to game data
  • The game is free and doesn’t cost any amount. However, the game has in-app purchases that can make your gaming experience even better.
  • The FIFA 2020 has manager mode, game of the week, ultimate team, tournament etc.

The game has an about 47 leagues to select from, the include the epl, the championship, league 1 and league 2, Spanish la Liga santander and 123, German Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 and 3, French ligue one and two, Netherlands eredisivel, Turkish league, the Seria a Seria b, the United States MLS and many more.


There are requirements you should know before you download and install FIFA 20 apk Mod and data obb, see below:

  • FIFA 20 apk requires Android 5.0 and above.
  • FIFA 2020 apk mod requires at least 2.5GB free space on your phone.
  • Free Wi-Fi or mobile internet data up to 2GB

How to install fifa 20 apk + obb data

  1. Just like other games with data file, you will first download and unrar the game.
  2. You will see fifa 20 data file + apk, move them to SD card(your internal storage) >>> android>>> obb. Please if you don’t have obb folder on your phone please create one. You can do that by going to internal storage, android and the click option to create a folder, name the folder obb and save it.
  3. So when you’ve moved the fifa 19 apk + obb data to it required place, install the apk app and launch the game.

Note if you first extracted the game, you won’t get the original file name, so what you will do is to rename the folder to com.ea.game.fifa14_row. If you don’t rename the folder, you will get game not registered.

Update on fifa 20 apk mod: below is the recent version of the game, which includes the latest winter transfer and lots of new features and faces.

You will see new hairstyles like that of Cristiano Ronaldo, new club shirts, new adboard, new pitch. This version is way better than the previous version on this post.

However, whenever you see fifa 20 apk mod, note that it is actually the 14th version and was remoded to any latest version. The official game is online and can’t be played offline.

This current version i have on this blog post doesn’t require internet connection or WiFi network, as it can be played both offline or online for multiplayer.

Downloads are available below

Fifa 20 mod.apk

Obb data

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