Enter Starly NFT Space, Win a Share of $100,000 in STARLY Reward Pool!

Enter Starly NFT Space, Win a Share of $100,000 in STARLY Reward Pool!

Enter Starly NFT Space NOW and win a share of $100,000 in the STARLY reward Pool. It’s Important to note that you have to click this REGISTER NOW button or else, you will not be able to claim from the reward pool.

NOTE: This event will take place from 10:00 a.m. on the  17th of February, 2022 to 10:00 a.m. on the 24th of February, 2022. (UTC).

Now, there are different activities in this event and I’ll be explaining what’s going to happen in each event and how many bonuses you can get in each of the events or what you need to do for you to be qualified to participate in the activities.

Just before I start writing on that, if you don’t have a KuCoin account, make sure you register using this unique link now – https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=rBSM8Y9

Activity One: Share from a Starly NFT Prize Pool Worth $20,000 by depositing STARLY

KuCoin Users will be able to receive the deposit bonus using three different methods during the promotion period; select which one you prefer:

A: The Speed of Light Reward: The first hundred users who make a total deposit of a hundred (100) STARLY between 10:00 a.m. on February 16 and 15:59 p.m. on February 17 (UTC) will each earn $100 in STARLY.

Bonus: You will receive a $100 bonus in STARLY!

B: The Early-Bird Reward: The first five hundred KuCoin users with a total deposit of a hundred STARLY will each earn $10 in STARLY.

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Bonus: You will receive a $10 bonus in STARLY!

C: The “Day 3” Celebration: All users (including the first 1,100) who make a total deposit of at least one STARLY within the first three days of the campaign will split a $5,000 STARLY prize pool.

Bonus: You’ll get an equal share of a $5000 STARLY Prize Pool!

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Activity Two: Share $20,000 in STARLY NFT – For KuCoin Newbies

During the campaign duration, users that meet the following criteria will be deemed qualified:

  1. Newly registered KuCoin members who created an account during the campaign time and completed the KYC1 verification;
  2. Newly registered KuCoin members who created an account during the campaign time and have a trading volume of at least $50 in STARLY

The first one thousand qualifiers will get an equal part of a $20,000 STARLY prize pool ($20 STARLY apiece)!

Activity Three: Trading Competition

The top thirty KuCoin accounts having the most STARLY/USDT trades will split $50,000 in STARLY.

Sign up to KuCoin now!

Completely Transparent! Every Twenty-four hours, the trade ranking will be updated.

Activity Four: Lucky Draw

Users that meet the following criteria will be deemed, eligible users need to:

  1. Have a total buying volume (sells – buys – withdrawals) of 50USD or more in STARLY/USDT;
  2. Become a Twitter follower of Starly.
  3. Insert the trading option STARLY/USDT to your Favorites list.

These prize pools are available to all qualifying users:

Pool 1: The first 300 qualifying users will get an equal share of $6,000 in STARLY NFT. Every user will receive $20 in STARLY!

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Pool 2: KuCoin will hold a lucky draw for additional qualifying users. 200 selected users will get an equal share of $4,000 in STARLY NFT. Every user will receive $20 in STARLY NFT!

Note that:

  1. Deposits minus withdrawals equals total deposit amount
  2. The trading amount equals the sum of the buys and sells
  3. Net purchasing volume = net buying volume  multiplied by price
  4. The amount of bonuses will be determined by the average closing price of STARLY/USDT over the course of the campaign
  5. When engaging in the Terra Ecosystem event, the Master Account and Sub-Accounts will be considered as the same account
  6. After the campaign concludes, all bonuses will be issued within seven working days.

During the activity, the trading activity on the platform will be thoroughly inspected. Any nefarious behaviours committed throughout the time, such as nefarious transaction manipulation, unlawful mass account creation, self- dealing and so on, would result in the platform cancelling the participants’ qualification.

KuCoin maintains the right, at its absolute discretion, to determine if a transaction is considered cheating activity and to invalidate a user’s participation qualification. KuCoin’s final verdict is legally binding on all competitors who took part in the tournament. Users hereby guarantee that their participation and usage of KuCoin are entirely voluntary and are not forced, tampered with, or manipulated in any way by KuCoin.

Well, that’s all for this article. That was really informative, wasn’t it? And better yet you’ve gained complete knowledge on this KuCoin’s latest event. Hope you enjoyed your read on our article? Well, we certainly hope you did. If you didn’t you can drop your comments on how we can improve our services on our website using the comment section below. If you have any questions regarding the article you can also drop them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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